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Hockey from Friday: Quinnipiac v. Yale

By David F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT- Last Friday Quinnipiac and Yale opened ECAC conference play at Ingalls Rink. The host Bulldogs gave QU a game but ultimately the Bobcats successfully took the win eventually 4-1. College hockey games continue to be penalty filled as the teams across the country adjust to new rules enforcement directives from the NCAA.

Period 1 would result in no score for either team as an improved Yale squad seemed to be rolling with QU throughout. However in period 2 the scoring began. On the power play T.T. Cianfarano pulled off the wraparound from behind Yale goalie Hanna Mandl’s net to score at 00:53 in the second. Assists went to Emma Woods and Taryn Baumgardt. The Bulldogs responded at 10:58 when Jordan Chancellor stole the puck quickly and broke in on net sending it over QU’s Sydney Rossman head into the net.

With the teams approaching the end of the period tied at 1, Kenzie Lancaster, who was incredibly active in the game, offensively and defensively pounced on a Yale mistake. When an errant Bulldog pass went across the net and she got to it first, broke in alone, and beat the keeper at 19:27 for her first college goal.

With the score 2-1 in the third, QU broke the game open taking the momentum with two more goals on the power play. At 5:03 Cianfarano struck on a rebound and Woods & Baumgardt again had the assists.

Yale found themselves killing off a 5 on 3 against the dangerous QU offense and they couldn’t hold off Meghan Turner from striking. The effective dagger was assisted by Alicia Barry and Kenzie Prater at 13:59.

In the goaltending area, Sydney Rossman made 24 saves on 25 shots and Hanna Mandl made 30 saves on 34 shots.

Regarding shots, Cianfarano led QU with 8 shots, her linemate Samoskevich posted 7. Lancaster had 4, and Woods shot 3. For Yale, Courtney Pensavalle had 5 shots, Chancellor, Taylor Marchin, and Phoebe Staenz all posted 3 among the team leaders. Quinnipiac won 38 of 63 faceoffs compared to Yale winning 25.

QU went on in the weekend to defeat Brown. Yale would host and tie Princeton. This weekend QU hosts two top ECAC teams in Clarkson and St. Lawrence. Yale hosts RPI and Union.

Noticed Plays (A nonexhaustive list of plays that are noticed within the chaos of gameplay and the individual maneuvers of 10 skaters on the ice at once. It is possible and likely that for every play noticed, other plays are not. It is just an attempt to note plays that might not make the score sheet.


  • Taryn Baumgardt acquired the puck in the defensive one and got it out. She later cleared it from the goal mouth. She had at least one block, and also at another point cleared it at even strength.
  • Emma Greco had at least 2 blocks including on the penalty kill. She had at least six clears on penalty kills including one following an interception of a Yale pass. She also created disrupts in the middle of the ice to prevent Yale form setting up for an entry during a penalty kill.
  • Alicia Barry shadowed a Yale attacker so they couldn’t get a shot. During a penalty kill she intercepted a pass and dumped it in from the center of the ice. She also fed Kenzie Prater for a short handed try.
  • Meghan Turner stole the puck in the home zone to start an offensive chance.
  • Kati Tabin and Randi Marcon worked together on a steal to exit the puck from their end. Tabin had at least three clears o the penalty kill. She also disrupted an opponent’s shot, and stole the puck at mid ice and dumped it back in to the home end. She later snagged the biscuit in the defensive zone and passed it effectively up to Woods.
  • Emma Woods robbed a Bulldog of the puck and skated it free of the area. She had at least five clears on the penalty kill including following a steal.
  • Melissa Samoskevich had at least 4 clears on the penalty kill acquiring the puck a variety of ways including a steal and an intercepted pass.
  • T.T. Cianfarano had at least two clears on the penalty kill and skated it out another time. She also had at least one block on the PK. She stole the puck in the offensive zone to generate a chance as well.
  • Raquel Pennoyer had at least one block. Additionally she got in the way of Yale attempt to clear their zone to preserve QU’s opportunity.
  • Kate Mackenzie had at least one block on the penalty kill.
  • Abby Cleary had at least one block on the penalty kill.
  • Kenzie Lancaster stole the puck in her zone and skated it out. She also snagged it in the Yale zone at another point. Even later after her first goal she intercepted another bad Yale pass in their own zone and skated in for a shot. Later in the QU end she found the puck and exited the zone.
  • Shannon Cherpak broke broke in on a 2 and 1 though save was the result.
  • Randi Marcon cleared it from the goal mouth and also cleared it on the penalty kill.
  • Kenzie Prater had at least 2 blocks. She also cleared it during a penalty kill despite falling. She brought the puck out herself on another penalty kill and engaged in harassing Yale in the middle of the ice on yet another. She broke in at one point on a short handed goal attempt as well.
  • Meghan Turner stole the puck in the Bulldogs end as well.


  • Taylor Marchin had at least one block, and intercepted the puck in the Yale zone stopping at QU attack.
  • Krista Yip-Chuck stole the puck from the Bobcats and pushed it out beyond the Yale blue line.
  • Laura Anderson disrupted a visitor attack, kept the puck in on the power play preserving the offensive effort, and later cleared it up ice.
  • Kaitlin Gately had at least one block. On offense she kept the puck within the QU zone and then skated in for an attempt on net herself.
  • Jordan Chancellor kept the puck from getting out of the Quinnipiac defensive end. She also cleared it on several times on the penalty kill.
  • Emily Monaghan dumped it back into the QU end from the middle of the ice during the penalty kill.
  • Mallory Souliotis disrupted a Bobcat try in the Yale end allowing another Bulldog to get the. Later she poked the puck away from the attackers. She stole the puck at the middle of the ice and dumped it in. On the power play she kept the puck from leaving the zone to preserve the momentum. She also cleared it several times on the penalty kill.
  • Courtney Pensavalle intercepted a QU pass in the D zone ending the attack. She also stole it on the penalty kill, and later acquired the puck in the QU end to raise offensive possibilities.
  • Sophie Veronneau got a piece of an opponent’s pass and brought the puck instead back into the Bobcats zone.
  • Julia Yetman disrupted a QU entry into the Yale zone.
  • Eden Murray intercepted and cleared the puck from the Yale end.
  • Saroya Tinker had at least one block.

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