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Hockey: Clarkson v. Quinnipiac

By David F. Pendrys

HAMDEN, CT- In a widely anticipated match up between two of the top teams in the country as well as the ECAC naturally, the Clarkson Golden Knights took the win in Quinnipiac’s barn 4-1.

As we expected today. Clarkson they came ready to play,” Quinnipiac head coach Cassandra Turner said. “You know we gave them a little bit of space and they certainly took it…today I think they wanted the game more than we did. Perhaps it’s going to finding that effort, that energy for a good St. Lawrence team tomorrow.”

Neither side got too many chances in period 1. Only 4 shots came from the Bobcats and only 3 from Clarkson in the frame. QU managed to put the puck on net a couple of times in a dangerous fashion but Clarkson’s Shea Tiley and the defense responded even when Randi Marcon stole the puck right in front of the net. Clarkson’s chances were low quality comparatively as the Bobcats really kept them from setting too much up. The Golden Knights may have surrendered only one more shot but QU was certainly in their end a lot more.

In the second Quinnipiac had two penalties called on them. The later one they took care of, but the first resulted in a Clarkson power play goal nearly immediately. The puck went to Josiane Pozzebon who shot it past QU’s Sydney Rossman for a 1-0 lead. Assists went to Rhyen McGill and Ella Shelton.

Shea Tiley is a really good goalie. I think she did a good job with our plays from below the goal line. I think for us to continue to try to attack in other ways too not just from below the goal line. Get some points, some screens, be a little bit better on entry,” Turner explained and also looked to the future.

The shot total increased in the second period as Clarkson managed 9 and QU 6. Each side generated quality chances as well and more break opportunities. QU often had solid opportunities but couldn’t finish.

Clarkson took a lead that they wouldn’t relinquish at 2:49 in the third when Corie Jacobson scored unassisted with a shot from halfway up the ice that somehow got past Rossman. With the momentum shifted 4 minutes later at 6:36 CU’s Jessica Gillham got a shot from in front past the QU netminder assisted by Shelton and Savannah Harmon. Coach Turner pulled Rossman at this point and sent in Abbie Ives. Turner noted with the energy level what it was she pulled Rossman for a spark.

Syd’s a great goaltender. Whenever she doesn’t play her best, she always rebound and plays a great hockey game,” Turner said reiterating her confidence.

Quinnipiac responded at 10:14 after Melissa Samoskevich lead a breakaway up the ice. She didn’t score but the puck went to Kati Tabin back in the zone and she shot it past Clarkson’s Shea Tiley. An assist went to T.T. Cianfarano as well.

Kati Tabin has a ton of poise with the puck. The game seems to slow down when she has it. She sees things in such a great. I’m excited that she found that today. She’s been an offensive defenseman at other levels. I know she will become that at our level,” Turner declared.

With no other goals scored, Turner pulled Ives in the waning moments of the game but Michaela Pejzlova got a loose puck and fed it up Cayley Mercer who sized up but shot it right into the empty net to destroy all hope.

Against a team like that we have to keep the pressure on all game, otherwise it’s going to go the other way,” Captain Emma Woods told the media post game.

Quinnipiac moves right from the frying pan into well another frying pan honestly as St. Lawrence visits Saturday.

St. Lawrence they have a line that is really firing,” Turner said. “It’s one of the best lines in college hockey. It’s going to be important detailed in one on one defensively, but also really good team defense in terms of ready to help especially with some good offensive players.”

Me and my line, we gotta set the tempo a little more for our team. That’s something we need for the team moving forward,” Woods added in her own presser.

Quinnipiac took a total of 16 shots and Clarkson took 21. Tiley made 15 saves, Rossman made 15, and Ives 2.

Tabin had 3 of QU’s blocks. Kate Mackenzie, Meghan Turner, Melissa Samoskevich, Emma Woods, and Emma Greco had 1 each. Ella Shelton had 2 for Clarkson, and Corie Jacobson, Cassidy Vinkle, Kelly Mariani, and Brielle Bellerive had 1 each.

Kenzie Prater and Turner had 3 shots each, Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout had 2, and the rest were spread about the team. Clarkson’s Cayley Mercer had 7 shots, Rhyen McGill had 3, Jacobson , Genevieve Bannon, and Loren Gable had 2 each. The rest were spread amidst the rest of the Golden Knights.

Aside from the score Quinnipiac did see their freshman contributing. Tabin had the lone goal, Prater was also responsible for some offensive chances throughout, and Coutu-Godbout was making plays throughout in her first game.

Sarah is an outstanding player, she is very skilled…she is someone who I think we’re going to rely on in the future to make big plays for us,” Turner outlined.

When Woods was questioned about the newcomers and how well they are integrating she responded:

I think really well. All of those young players have big roles on our team and it’s a lot. We’re strict with our systems and they have a lot of details. I think just that’s like kind of a reflection of their line. If they feel that they’re struggling, which I don’t think they are. They playing those roles great. I think we have to even help them more.”



Noticed plays. (As always these are plays that are noticed not every play in the game. It is just an attempt to put plays that might not make the scoresheet out there.)


Kenzie Lancaster intercepted in the defensive zone and moved it up. She later snatched a Clarkson pass in their zone leading to a chance.

Alicia Barry stole the puck from Clarkson and got it out of the QU end. She also disrupted another Golden Knights attack in front of the goal mouth and Kati Tabin cleared it. She later stole the puck from a streaking CU player.

Emma Woods in one sequence intercepted the puck in the offensive zone twice in succession prolonging the opportunity. Later she cleared the puck from the goal mouth removing a danger.

Randi Marcon had an early steal right in front of the Clarkson net and ripped a shot off. She also kept the puck in the zone at another point.

Miranda Lantz and Raquel Pennoyer each had steals in the offensive zone.

Meghan Turner got to a Clarkson pass at the edge of the offensive zone to keep the offense on that side of the blue line. Later she snagged the puck behind the Clarkson net and shot it.

Emma Greco intercepted a Clarkson pass in the defensive zone. She also disrupted another pass and moved it out. As her opponents attempted to enter the zone she got in front of their pass. She also stole it in the defensive area later and moved it out. During a penalty kill she had at least one clear.

Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout in her debut game got it into the offensive zone and shot it. She also acquired it in the QU end and brought it out. She was often trying to set up some offensive chances.

Kate Mackenzie kept the puck from crossing the Clarkson blue line to keep her team on the attack. KIN

Kati Tabin got an errant pass and broke out.

Melissa Samoskevich intercepted it in the offensive zone and again much later. and later got it out of the goal mouth. She also cleared it at least once.

T.T. Cianfarano had a steal in the middle of the ice. Also with one of her blocks she then took the puck out herself. On another she cleared it out during a penalty kill.

Kenzie Prater was one of many to clear it from her goal mouth. She also snatched it in the offensive zone and moved in for an opportunity.


Corie Jacobson at least three clears and brought it out of the D zone herself.. She also stole it in the defensive zone and moved it out to a teammate who commenced a break.

Jessica Gillham had a steal in the offensive zone to generate a chance.

Cayley Mercer stole it in the QU zone to start an opportunity. She also got a stick on a QU pass during a penalty kill knocking it to a teammate who cleared it. Also on the penalty kill she maneuver QU out of her zone. Later she moved it out of the Clarkson end.

Ella Shelton disrupted a QU entry attempt. She also whacked it away from a Bobcat in the defensive zone to a teammate. She and Michaela Pejzlova gained possession in home end for a possibility. She had a clear on the penalty kill. She also disrupted a QU setup and it went to a teammate for a clear. She also was one of many Golden Knights to prevent the puck from leaving the offensive zone.

Genevieve Bannon disrupted a Quinnipiac entry attempt. She also cleared it at least once.

Savannah Harmon stole it in the defensive end and fed it out a few times. She also stole a puck as QU tried to break in taking care of that threat. She cleared it from the goal mouth as well to extinguish another potential fire. She also kept the puck on QU’s side of the blue line to preserve the attack.

Katelyn Fournier cleared it during a penalty kill. She and Shelton also stopped zone entry.

Kelly Mariani and Shelton teamed up to stop QU from getting past them into the Clarkson end. She also absconded puck in the Bobcats end for a shot.

Taylor Turnquist came up with the puck in her end and exited. She also whapped the puck away from an opponent as they skated in towards the net.

Emma Keenan got in the way of a QU wrap around attempt closing a gap.

Michaela Pejzlova grabbed the puck in the defensive zone and sent it to Cayley Mercer passed it back to her. She fought through the QU defenders and got it to Loren Gabel who came in for a shot.

Cassidy Vinkle acquired the biscuit in her end and moved it out. Later she would steal it in the other end and shoot it. She also had at least one clear on the penalty kill.

Rhyen McGill also kept the puck in the QU zone which led eventually to two Clarkson shot.

A falling Josiane Pozzebon got a stick on a Quinnipiac attempt to skate in and deflected the puck away.

Lauren Lefler disrupted a QU move up the side of the defensive zone forcing a change in strategy.

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