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Soccer: SCSU v. Pace

By David F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT- The Southern Connecticut State University Owls Women’s Soccer team picked up their second win of the season and second in conference at that Tuesday night at Jess Dow Field, defeating the Pace Pacers in Overtime 2-1.

Caroline Staudle provided the deciding factor. She attributed the setup to Brianna Casey pressuring the Pacers and went on to say that “the center back was getting the ball. I just thought if I put some pressure on her she might make a mistake and she did and I was able to capitalize on it.”

It was Casey who tied the game up with just under 4 minutes to play in the game as Victoria Buonanni fed a long centering pass to her and she kicked it past Pace’s Aisha Chauhan. This mitigated the damage done by Pace’s Gabby Picciano who got to a bouncing ball in front of Southern’s net and sent it flying over SCSU’s Gabrielle Arruda with one minute left in the first half.

The Pacers only took 5 shots on the day with four on net. SCSU took 11 with 7 on net. Chauhan naturally made 2 saves as Arruda made 3. One of Chauhan’s saves was on a point blank SCSU header in the goal box off a kick.

With the win SCSU is now 2-4-1, and 2-2 in the Northeast 10 conference. Pace drops to 3-2-2 and is 0-2-2 in NE-10 play. Southern is back at it on September 24th when Franklin Pierce visits.

Noticed Plays (This is not an exhaustive list. A player may have notched far more than these numbers, but it is what is noticed during game play in an attempt to showcase plays that might not make the score sheet especially defensively.)


Steals and Disruptions:

  • Defensive: Ashley Kenny had at least 3 and Teresa Fotino had at least 2. The two also combined to disrupt a SCSU attack. Drew Ribadeneyra, Robyn Seward, and Shannon Glenn all had at least one.
  • Offensive: Amanda Duddy had one which led to a Pace shot.

Intercepted Passes & Kicks:

  • Drew Ribadeneyra had at least 3 including one of a centering pass in her goal mouth.
  • Amanda Duddy and Teresa Fotino had at least 2, as did Ashley Kenny including a header off a SCSU corner kick out of the goal box.
  • Emma Sinanan, Delany Williams, Erin Bigger, Shannon Glenn had at least 1.


  • Drew Ribadeneyra had at least 7
  • Teresa Fotino notched 4 at the least including one during the aftermath of a corner kick. Ashley Kenny also had at minimum the same number. Shannon Glenn whacked at least 3.
  • Robyn Seward put up at least 2, as did Delany Williams including a clear off a SCSU corner kick. Amanda Duddy combined with Seward on getting it out of their zone and had at least 2 more later.
  • Erin Bigger, Alyssa Zeoli, Meghan Haslett all had 1 at minimum had one. Haslett’s came in the goal box after a Chauhan save.


  • Amanda Duddy got to a SCSU goaltender’s kick and advanced up it up the field for an attempt. She later launched the ball in deep several times to start some offensive tries. Delany Williams lined up a solid centering pass, though a goal did not result. Later in the game Alicia Buchanan went on a break and soon after again hustled hard to get into the SCSU zone, soon adding another entry not long after that.


Steals and Disruptions:


  • Karoline Petersen ran down a long Pace kick. At another time she got in the way of a Pacer attempt to dribble in on net effectively ending the drive.
  • Christine Allard stopped Pace drive, then again repeated the feat. Later she stole the ball at midfield to advance it and had another disruption of her opponent as well.
  • Deanna Ryan and Kieran DeBiase had at minimum a defensive steal.
  • Marisa Grisell disrupted a Pace pass and much later in Overtime flummoxed a Pacer setup.

Offensive: Kieran DeBiase and Caroline Staudle each stole it in the Pace zone at various times.

Intercepted Passes & Kicks:

  • Karoline Petersen had at least 2 including one in the goal mouth. Christine Allard ran down a long pace pass to contain it. She also ran down another Pace attempt to advance deep and had at least 2 others interceptions.
  • Deanna Ryan headed a Pace throw in away from danger. Victoria Conde, Johanna Wahlen, and Marisa Grisell all had at minimum 1.


  • Karoline Petersen sent at least 4 clears away including 2 from the goal mouth. Christine Allard had at 2 at the very least including one from the goal area. Deanna Ryan posted at least 2.
  • Maeghan Howard, Marisa Grisell, Johanna Wahlen had at least one each.


  • Karoline Petersen kept the ball Pace zone during an attack.
  • Kieran DeBiase fed it to Caroline Staudle for a shot. Later she dribbled effectively around two defenders to produce an opportunity. Even later she ball handled up the field for a centering pass.
  • Johanna Wahlen sent a long kick up the field to set up a SCSU drive.

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