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Soccer: Hartford at Yale

By David F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT- The Yale Bulldogs picked up their first win in the past five games Thursday night over the visiting Hartford Hawks thanks to a late goal from Connecticut native Sarah McCauley. With less than five minutes in a tie game Kristi Wharton served up a corner kick and McCauley got to it before Hartford’s Jessica Jurg could and headed it into the net.

The first goal of the game had come at the hands of Hartford’s Skylar Vitiello. With the Yale pressure intense on Hartford’s primary attackers, Vitiello had the ball well outside the box but lofted it off the hands of Yale’s Alyssa Fagel and into the roof of the net.

Aerial Chavarin of Yale responded almost immediately breaking away from her Hartford pursuers and defeating Jurg in a one on one to tie the game.

Jane Buckley replaced Fagel in the second half in net, and came up with a key save when Hartford had one of their credible chances. Jurg had at major save earlier in the game when Yale had pushed the ball in on net and she had to stop a Bulldog at close range. Later she would again be facing a Yale attacker and deflected the ball away as they tried to dribble in. She would have to repeat such an action later on.

Hartford took 11 shots with 6 on net. Yale took 14 with 10 on net. Jurg made 8 saves on the day, Buckley made 4, and Fagel made 1. Hartford did not have too many great opportunities, but aside from Buckley’s save, the Hawks also lofted a well centered kick over the net at another point. The Bulldogs were effective at flummoxing most of Hartford’s attacks. Hartford for their part generally contained the potent Yale forwards as well, though Chavarin made that very difficult and her goal helped prove that. The game was generally a defensive showdown, with a few moments of offensive chances cracking through.

Yale Head Coach Rudy Meredith provided his thoughts on the first win in a few games, the offense, defense and what the team will be working on.

Hartford heads to Bryant on Saturday hoping to reverse the losing streak and also to close out non conference play. Yale hosts Creighton on Sunday for their last non conference game. Yale rises to 4-2-2 on the season. Hartford drops to 5-3.

Noticed Plays (In an effort to note plays that aren’t normally on the score sheet, these are plays that are noticed. A player could have far more than what is noticed, but it is an attempt.)


Steals & Disruptions:

  • Colleen McCormack had at least 3 including one to stop a Hartford drive into the Yale zone. Sarah McCauley had at least 3 as well. Michelle Alozie & McCauley combined to wrest the ball from the Hawks. Alozie had at least one other steal of her own.
  • Meg Byfield, Keri Cavallo and Taylor Hobbs had at least one.
  • Aerial Chavarin had 2 including one in the Hartford zone to produce an offensive chance.
  • Carlin Hudson disrupted a Hartford effort, and Geneva Decker stole the ball to end a Hartford drive.

Intercepted Passes & Kicks:

  • Kristina Kim had at least 3. Carlin Hudson had at least 3 as well and she blocked a shot. Colleen McCormack blocked a Hartford setup and had at least 2 other interceptions including with a header.
  • Michelle Alozie had at least 2.
  • Sarah McCauley blocked a pass. Mackenzie Marsh and Keri Cavallo had at least one interception.


  • Kristina Kim had at least 2. Sarah McCauley also had at least 2.
  • Alex Ritter and Carlin Hudson had at least one.
  • Sofia Griff and Colleen McCormack combined to move the ball up and out of their zone.


  • Aerial Chavarin fed it to Carlin Hudson well though no goal was scored.
  • Michelle Alozie later had a credible chance as did Aerial Chavarin.
  • Kristi Wharton outmaneuvered a Hartford defender in a one on one situation repeatedly to line up a centering pass.


Steals & Disruptions:

  • Katie Connolly had several including two in which she moved the ball up the field after the steal.
  • Hayley Nolan caught up to a Yale player and stole it to stifle a drive.
  • Aaliyah Ingram stole it in the Hartford defensive zone to conclude a Bulldog attack.
  • Caroline Massey disrupted a Yale attempt by kicking it out of bounds.
  • Madison Stabile had at least one steal.

Intercepted Passes & Kicks:

  • Skylar Vitiello had at least 3 including one in the Hawks zone to stop Yale’s setup.
    Caitlin Smallfield had numerous including 5 that were noticed, including running the ball down.
  • Hayley Nolan used a header when she had at least one intercept. Madison Stabile had at least 1 intercepted kick.
  • Tori Tripp blocked a Yale set up kick and at another point Aaliyah Ingram headed away a Yale corner kick to get the ball out of danger.


  • Madison Stabile had at least four. Caitlin Smallfield had at least four including a clear from the goal mouth. Katie Connolly had at least 2 herself.

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