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This is Sparta & K! 2-16-2015

Summarized by David F. Pendrys from Sparta & K & UMMC’s official websites. (Note: Sparta & K posted video but it was removed due to copyright issues.)

In Russia’s top women’s basketball league,  Sparta & K Vidnoye (Moscow Region) took on the powerful UMMC Ekaterinburg Sunday February 15th. The result, a 91-73 win for UMMC.

Sparta & K’s Maria Vadeeva (who will be in the WNBA this summer) posted 17. Ksenia Tikhonenko had 10 points and 10 rebounds.  Maria Cherepanova scored 11, and current WNBA’er Emma Meeseeman had 10. Darya Namok contributed 8.

UMMC was led by Diana Taurasi’s 26 and Candace Parker’s 23. Parker also had 9 rebounds. Sandrine Gruda posted 17 and had 5 boards. Alba Torrens put up 13 and had 5 rebounds of her own. Taurasi, Parker, and Gruda all have WNBA experience, though Torrens was drafted and never played and Taurasi is sitting out this season due to arrangements with UMMC.

Also of news recently, Stefanie Dolson left Sparta & K to play for a team in Turkey.

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