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SonicBoom Monday: Not good news for Busan

Summarization by David F. Pendrys

The Busan KT SonicBoom hasn’t won much lately, and the past two games proved to not break that streak. Here’s how the past 2 went.

Anyang KGC 75 Busan KT SonicBoom 63 (Summarized from Official Box Score, KBL Broadcast)

Down a lot in the fourth the SonicBoom couldn’t get a run going. Anyang responded to the Busan scoring pretty evenly. Eventually the SonicBoom were forced to start throwing up threes and it didn’t go well. Eventually the game was just out of reach. Charles Rhodes did not play in this game. Evan Brock had 13 points and 11 rebounds, Seong Min Cho had 11 including 3 three pointers, and Hyun Min Kim had 10. The KBL has posted the full game.

Changwon LG Sakers 85 Busan KT SonicBoom 80 (Summarized from Official Box Score, KBL Broadcast)

The teams played to an even 55-55 through 3 quarters. Once the 4th started they continued to trade points. Busan’s Charles Rhodes played a major roll scoring numerous times in the early going. He and Tae Pung Jeon (Tony Akins) put together a mini run to give their team a 71-67 lead. Following a Sakers time out, Davon Jefferson scored for Changwon, but Rhodes made use of two three throws to keep the lead at 4. Jarod Stevenson of the Sakers dropped a 3 to pull closer, but Seong Min Cho was soon at the line for the SonicBoom in a foul filled quarter. He hit both shots to regain the three point lead. In the ensuing struggle at the other end Changwon needed to get 4 straight rebounds before Si Rae Kim scored.

Wildness ensued when Busan’s Young Jin Song missed a 3 pointer, the teams dived for the ball, and there were collisions apparently resulting in an intentional foul or a technical foul somehow. Changwon’s Young Hwan Kim hit a free throw to tie it 75-75. Another collision followed and another foul and Si Rae Kim went to the line nailed both free throws and gave the Sakers a 77-75 lead. Cho was soon fouled again though and he netted both shots to tie it back up 77-77.

The SonicBoom managed to leave Changwon’s Young Hwan Kim open beyond the arc though and he downed a 3 for what would prove to be the dagger. Jeon headed down to try to score but couldn’t make the basket. Woo Sub Yang grabbed the rebound and went to the hoop unchallenged to put his team up by 5 as apparently the SonicBoom was stunned over the lack of a foul call. The result infuriated head coach Chang Jin Jun. A technical apparently resulted and the free throw was successful putting the SonicBoom down 83-77, Changwon quickly struck again to make it 85-77. With practically no time remaining Song hit a 3 to make the score look a little better but the it wasn’t that close in the end.

For Busan, Center Charles Rhodes had 28 points & 9 rebounds, Guard Tae Pung Jeon (Tony Akins) had 17 including 3 three’s, fellow Guard Seong Min Cho had 8 Guard Jae Do Lee had 8 points and 5 assists.

For the Sakers, Center Davon Jefferson posted 27 with14 rebounds. Forward Jarod Stevenson had 16 including going 3 for 3 from 3. Guard Si Rae Kim put up 9 and added 6 assists and Center Jong Kyu Kim had 9. The KBL has posted the full game.

(Editor’s Comment: Basketball coaches are emotional, referees make them upset, but Jun looked like he wanted to fight the guy and was held back by assistants. As I’m new to the Korean game I don’t know much about him, but no matter his stature it is unprofessional behavior. If it continues I would reevaluate following the team.)

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