Athletics Budgets in CT

by David F. Pendrys

Athletics revenue can basically come from fundraising directly for athletics, tickets sales, the school’s endowment, the school’s overall funds, or specific targeted student fees. Knowing all the sources is not that easy to determine as university financial statements often group all donations together without saying where they are going, and in general it is not obvious what’s going where. However, there are some tools. The U.S. Department of Education Equity in Athletics website does have the overall athletics budgets and a basic breakdown.

Regarding how much students pay for athletics, this is also not always an obvious question. Most schools in Connecticut do not have a specific athletics student fee like Sacred Heart and the University of New Hampshire do. However, many do outline what goes into a more general fee. What follows is a table of data including the U.S. Department of ED data on budgets, it also includes tuition and fees as provided by each college’s websites. If a student fee exists which goes partially or fully to athletics, that is also noted. Also in the notes is a fuller explanation of the fees noted. (Source official college websites, and U.S. Dept of Ed.)

School Athletics Expenses
Athletics Revenue
Possibly athletics
related student fee cost per year.
Avg. Tuition/Fees per
year (without room/board if possible)
Albertus Magnus $873,191 $873,191 Overall fees estimated at
$490 no indication this is athletics related.
CCSU $11,965,078 $12,110,720 No fee breakdown. $7042 in state 16179 out
of state.
Connecticut College $3,465,652 $3,465,652 No fee breakdown. $46,085
ECSU $2,762,849 $2,762,849 General fee $3,446 In state $9,376 Out of
state $20,881
“Helps to fund many of the student services offered by the University. Some of these services, which are available to every student at Eastern, include: career development and placement, ID cards, shuttle bus services, parking stickers, athletic activities and the Student Center. A portion also provides mandatory supplemental accident insurance coverage which shows up as a separate line item on your account.”
Fairfield $16,559,155 $16,559,155 General Fee $600 $42,320 “This fee covers infirmary service at the University Health Center, admission to on-campus athletic events, support of student government activities, club sports, the operation of WVOF (the University’s radio station), and unlimited access to the Internet and World Wide Web.”
Mitchell $937,958 $937,958 Overall fees $1,740 no
indication if athletics related.
Post $3,162,147 $3,162,147 Student services fee.
$1100 (Does not indicate athletics tie in)
$26,250 “The Student Service fee supports extracurricular experiences for Post University students. This includes the Student Government Association, which supports student clubs and organizations and their programs, such as leadership training, residence hall councils; the Programming Board, which provides artists and entertainment for the entire campus; and additional services that support students outside the classroom. “
Quinnipiac $18,153,988 $18,153,988 No fee breakdown. $39,330 Revenues & Expenses:
Acrobatics and Tumbling are counted seperately total cost
and revenue is about 1 million.
Sacred Heart $16,295,573 $16,295,573 Athletics & Rec Fee
St. Joseph $399,597 $399,597 No fee breakdown. $31,928.00 + $1,489.00
Southern Connecticut $6,780,107 $6,780,107 General Fee $3270 In state $8,981 out of
state $20,485
“This fee supports the operational costs associated with intercollegiate
athletics, student center, student ID, accident insurance, parking facilities, and shuttle bus services.”
Trinity $5,492,506 $6,031,422 General Fee $1,800 $45,300 “This recurring fee helps finance the operations of the student center and
covers student lab fees, vocational testing, and admission to all Trinity athletic events.”
University of Bridgeport $5,930,908 $6,053,636 General Fee* $1750 (No
explanation of what it pays for.)
University of Connecticut $63,828,624 $63,828,624 General Fee $1,848 In state $12,022 Out of
state  $30,970
“Fee supports student related programs and institutional services of those programs. These programs are, by definition, ancillary to the educational mission of the University and must generate a portion of their operating revenue through fees for services or sales charges. GUF provides support for such programs as Student Health Services, Athletics & Recreational Services, One Card Office, Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, Student Activities and Student Union, and the Off Campus Student Services Office. “
University of Hartford $12,192,806 $12,192,806 Does not seem to be a fee
going to athletics.
$31,804 + $1,554 “All full-time undergraduate students, regardless of whether or not they live on campus, and part-time undergraduate students living in University housing pay a mandatory student support services fee that entitles them to health and counseling services at the campus clinic. This fee also provides 12-month accident insurance and is used to help fund the Student, Residence Hall, Commuter and Parent’s Associations.”
University of New Haven $5,795,705 $5,796,052 Does not seem to be a fee
going to athletics.
$32,440 + $1300 “The general fee provides a partial contribution supporting essential infrastructure, facilities and institutional services
necessary to promote student learning. This fee covers access to infirmary and counseling services and it supports student government and club activities. In addition,this fee supports technology infrastructure initiatives
including, but not limited to, networks, electronic information resources, computer laboratories and smart technology classrooms. This fee also covers facility enhancements and other administrative services such as providing academic transcripts.”
Wesleyan $4,884,957 $4,942,322 Does not seem to be a fee
going to athletics.
$46,674 + a few hundred
more in fees.
WCSU $2,394,722 $2,519,645 General fee but unknown
amount. (students pay over $4,000 in fees a year.)
In state $8893 Out of
state $20398
General Fee: This fee supports the operational costs associated with intercollegiate athletics, student center, student ID, accident insurance, parking facilities, and shuttle bus services.”
Yale $37,384,374 $37,384,374 Does not seem to be a fee
going to athletics.
$42,300 Revenues & Expenses:University noted $16.6 million in institutional
support as part of their revenues.

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