Glave Hockey Episode 1 Transcript

You thought I was in the chair didn’t you? I fooled you.

Welcome to the first episode of Glaive Hockey where gonna to talk about a lot of things the gonna talk about what has been known traditionally is women’s hockey though we have to broaden that given the there multiple genders in the universe and they are eligible to play and we need to start thinking more broadly. It’s also going to be plenty of room for what is traditionally known as men’s hockey but again genders so we’ll start thinking about that but there’s going to be talk about the PHF, PWHPA, NCAA, you know drop in some NHL, hoping to drop in some SDHL. Need to get on my horse about that and take it down to the Old Town Road and things go downhill from there. Horse doesn’t really like the Old Town Road. Did anyone ask the horse if it wanted…that’s not the point. All right let’s start getting into serious business. Going to start with and do some scores in a little bit but first we had some news in the PHF especially in recent months. This year it has been a very tough year In the PHF. We had the revelations of the involvement of players and staff members with the site known as Barstool. We are all are pretty…people are pretty much aware of it and if you’re not I urge you to open up your favorite search engine and do some searching and do the research on what had occurred. And we also of course dealt with the issues with the Toronto Six and Digit Murphy’s involvement with a group called The Women’s Sports Policy Working Group which has a very transphobic agenda and she fortunately left that group very quickly but we took took over 6 months to get responses about many questions that were lingering regarding that group and the Toronto Six’s beliefs about what had happened. So both of those issues sort of put a cloud over what the PHF has been trying to move forward on about diversity and inclusion and has been doing a new rebrand…has been redoing they’re transgender and non-binary inclusion policy which we hopefully will see that very soon. But I just wanted to comment briefly on each of those subjects. On the Barstool issue. There was a recently an editorial by Angelica Rodriguez for The Ice Garden which I encourage you all to read. There have been many comments that have been made by fans and media about this. We have yet to have a player or anyone involved to my knowledge who has been supportive of Barstool ever come forward and say you know this was a mistake. You know it…I think of the parallels to women’s soccer when there was a player on the national team which filmed a segment with Barstool and people were up in arms and the player then basically said I was not aware of what had happened and basically was trying to disavow being involved and that was a change sort of a sort of a refreshing result as compared to what we have now we’re when players or staff members are confronted with Barstool’s history of bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia they do not react and or they react defensively saying well that’s just certain members and then the other members don’t hold those beliefs as if that’s okay and when we have an issue where we’re talking about the CEO of the site we’re not just talking about a case where we know we’re talking about a massive site and okay one guy on the site said some terrible things and then he was fired and then okay…no we’re talkin about the CEO… manages this company and so everything that these people do on the site she’s responsible for and one of the most notorious actors is the site’s founder who has said racist things, transphobic things, literally has said he wants BLM protesters to be run over, literally has said he wanted an NWHL player, a black NWHL player to be thrown in jail. You know as and always puts all his stuff under the guise of comedy. You can’t just hide behind comedy to say whatever you want, that’s not how it works. And so when he’s still with the company and the key and some of the most prominent personalities on that company in that site are some of the most notorious offenders it’s not like the company has just a section that somehow is its worst and not that that would be defensible either but that’s not even the case. It’s the most prominent people in the company, the reason the company is what it was. The reason that there’s a you know a venture capitalist group that funded it called, The Chernin Group by the way, there that’s responsible for it making the money that is a bunch of you know rich investors deciding they don’t care either. It’s the CEO who chooses to take no action, chooses to endorse this, chooses to make her paycheck off of this, and so when players say well we’re fine with that, they’re fine with what she’s doing. They’re fine with what all these players are doing because the brand was…the brand exists because of these bad actions. There is no brand if the founder of the site didn’t do what he did. That’s the thing. It’s not…it’s just there needs to be more people accepting responsibility and not just sort…of sort of like pushing it aside as in well you know we don’t agree with the you know X person’s actions just because we go on Y person’s show that’s…that doesn’t work and that wouldn’t work if it was some some sort of just a random personality on the network but it’s the CEO. The CEO’s in charge we cannot forget that. The CEO is in charge, the CEO can hire and fire people responsible for this content. And that’s that and the CEO is pointed to as an example of why the side isn’t bad. Just just weeks ago, Kevin Weekes was taking heat for working with Barstool…he says the site has multiple women running it as if that’s it that’s okay. We just saw in the NWSL how having women at the top did not prevent the scandal and the terrible things that went on. Now I am totally on board with the hire women premise of course. It’s just you but it’s also used though they they use it as a defense that we have women so when we do bad things it’s okay. That’s it’s it’s like we just did a horrible thing but we have a woman in charge so therefore we are okay that’s no…that’s a shield. That’s that’s just used as a shield and we need to hire more women, we need to hire more black women we need to hire more LGB…you know I mean you know you know LGBTQIA you know people we need to hire more you know your people of color across the spectrum. All of that needs to happen but it should never happen to be a shield to shield white men from their bad behavior. Which is what it is at Barstool and we are just not seeing you know we do you know we’re not seeing the PHF…of whom we saw with the PHF was willing to the PHF was willing to sell three teams to the CEO of Barstool does current administration despite being well aware of what the fan base would be like. And I mean that would have I would have been done. They’ve made nearly made me done about 10 times over this this year between this the Toronto Six stuff. I mean other things. It’s it’s I don’t know why the management just is trying to push away their general fanbase because who do they think is going to replace us? It is not like…it’s not like the Barstool fans are going to rush to the league or that there’s just a new massive fanbase waiting to jump in. They aren’t there. They need to be building up from the devoted fans who’ve been there and it’s incredibly sad. It’s incredibly sad and this doesn’t even have to be about moral character from executives this just has to be about rationality. About not doing things that hurt your own company and your own brand. And it’s the right thing to do to not work with Barstool. It’s also the business decision is the right thing to do. Because it’s not going to provide you any benefit despite the fact you thinking it will. And so I mean obviously they’re not doing it now but they were thinking of it they were thinking of taking that cash. And if Saraoya Tinker had not stood up and done the brave thing the brave thing that a lot of a lot of players did not stand with her on then we might have been so we might be sitting here at different landscape. To be sitting on a PHF that no one wants to do anything with. I mean when we think about just when we think about what do you think about that you could have had him you know when you think about half the league being owned by by somebody you know that is responsible for such terrible things so that’s what I have to say about that. And turning briefly to the Six. You know I have been pressuring them to get answers since April and we were not getting anywhere and when I say we I mean the fans I, mean other media members of course were you know trying to get answers and so it was good to get the interview. I’m glad I was given the interview. Thankful for that. And as I said on Twitter if you read it I mean that is good. Is good to get the answers. And they said a lot of the right things to the answers to questions that you know yes they want to move forward they want to do better and sort of correct the mistakes that were made and be more inclusive and they seem to be working on initiatives to do that. And I want to believe that we will we will see those initiatives and that will help people and that will be more inclusive team and that you will have a quote unquote positive come out of whatever they do. But at the same time it doesn’t it doesn’t take away the harm that was done to the fans who for six months were wondering why are you not addressing this? Why are you not talking to us? Why are you not answering these questions? I mean these are a lot of these answers could have been given in April. I mean there was training going on absolutely but I mean they didn’t have to wait for the training to be done in these in these areas of learning more about transgender people in sports to give answers about what they wanted to do, what they wanted to fix, what they wanted. That just doesn’t and we we saw there was that interview just a few weeks ago on Rink Stories and Digit Murphy did was very quick to apologize when I asked about it and to clarify some things but it’s still kind of a scary thing when it seemed like after six months not much has changed. And so I can hope for the best but it is still I still don’t understand why again when we turn to the right thing to do and the business thing to do and why both of those weren’t aligned in just talking to your fans, talking to the media, and getting out there. Not six months from now or not six months from when it happened, but you know quickly and talking and just clearing the air and why that wasn’t done. I don’t understand why. I asked about it and they didn’t give an answer. And and I’m going to continue to wonder about it because I’m sure there are people that will not go back to the Toronto Six fandom because of this, and for me I’m still not sure how I feel how I want to handle the Six because it’s still a harm. It’s still you know you know that you know it’s a phrase ‘you know we are well past sorry’ and and yes they gave an interview, a very detailed interview, and I’m sure it’s in the hope of moving past this and but you know and I’ve and I’ve done some sampling, unscientific sampling, but I’ve asked people what do you think? I run a Twitter poll and it’s obviously not a scientific survey and it’s a small group of people but most people were unmoved or had less trust in it. That’s you know what you know not a lot of people but it was it was it still it’s it’s still a question of of if you’re trying to build trust. There was a lot I think lost. So let’s let’s try and change things up a bit talk about what’s up what’s going on on the ice. Now the PHF hasn’t really gotten into action much except in exhibitions but the NCAA women’s hockey and I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to call it WHOC because I’m still trying to figure out the language because it is just it’s not going to be women’s hockey anymore it’s it’s there’s going to be people who come forward and an are on the gender spectrum and I’m on the gender spectrum and you know we’re going to have to figure out how to describe you know this how we’re going to have to have different terms. So so let’s jump into that and get to a little scores and this is from the past weekend of action and there was a game Monday and I just just going to talk about a few games and then I’ll throw a bunch of scores on the scoreboard. I’m pointing at something that’s not going to be there. The screens going going to fill up but it’s not going to be something behind me like that. Not going to happen. So RPI took on Union RPI got four goals. Union didn’t got zero Amanda Rampado had shot had a shutout obviously. When they met again Union got two goals, RPI got nine. Audrey McCutcheon had a hat-trick for RPI. Multiple players had two assists. When New Hampshire took on Providence Providence got the better of it 3-1. Hayley Lunny had two goals. Sacred Heart took on Post. Sacred Heart won that one five to one. Kelly Solak had two goals Saint Anselm took on Quinnipiac in a two-game series. In the first game Quinnipiac won that’s 4 to 3. Sadie Peart had two goals, Ann-Frédérik Naud had three assists that was a close one for Quinnipiac as they’re taking on the NEWHA opponent. UConn beat RIT for to 3. Viki Harkness had two goals in the contest. BU took on New Hampshire and where they both tied 3 to 3 you and UNH won the shootout for the extra Hockey East point. Colgate took on Vermont. Colgate won that five to one over the catamounts. Danielle Serdachny had one goal and two assists. Northeastern did not have a good week they took on Providence and Providence beat them three to nothing. Stammers Sandra Abstreiter had a shutout. My apologies for the stumbling the first time so that one was not a good game for Providence. And the Buffalo beauts took on Brown an exhibition game Buffalo Beauts won this one For-Two. Dominique Kremer had one goal and one assist. Anjelica Diffendal one goal one assist as well. Turning to MHOC as I’m calling it. Quinnipiac and Boston College those two teams tied 2-2 to the Eagles won the shootout for a tournament standings point they were taking place up in Worcester. Boston College also took on Holy Cross one that 5 to 1. Mark McLaughlin had two goals in the tourney. UConn took on BU in one that won five to one. That was one game they also took on another one. Ryan Tverberg had two goals. Northeastern took on Quinnipiac, Quinnipiac won this one three to nothing to. TJ Friedmann had two goals. Yaniv Perets had a shutout. And let’s take a look at some more scores on what is commonly called a scoreboard. I’ve talked a lot at you so I’ll leave it at that. thanks for watching