Glaive Volleyball Episode 9 Transcript

Welcome to October 17th. It’s another edition of Glaive Volleyball. Hope you’re having a good day. This is going to talk about Saturday and Friday actually maybe some Thursday action thrown in there. Lots to talk about so I’m just going to jump into the scores. First couple games involving Central Connecticut State University. They took on Long Island beat them three to one and Emma Anderson had a double-double and her a thousandth kills in her career. Then Central Connecticut took on Saint Francis of Brooklyn and they won three to nothing in the sweep. First of all Ashlyn Eisenga is now third all-time and digs for Central Connecticut and then Emma Henderson had her thousandth digs and she’s at thousand digs and 1000 kill also Nyjha Marcelin had 15 kills so big days for the Blue Devils. Albertus Magnus took on Dean and beat them 3 to 1. Jaiden Williams had five service aces in that match. Wesleyan took on Williams and swept them three to nothing. Mariko Tanaka had five aces in that game. Eastern Connecticut took on Clark sweeping them 3 nothing. Anna Berry had 18 kills. New Haven… New Haven Franklin Pierce 3 one. Emily Berry had 20 kills Western Connecticut took on UMass Dartmouth, beat them 3 to 1. Victoria Korzan had 15 kills. And finally Bridgeport defeated Franklin Pierce and Paola Hernandez had 18 kills in that one so that’s the ones I want to highlight now I’m going to throw you to the scoreboard talk about a bunch of other games that I didn’t cove.

Thanks for watching hope you’ll tune in again.