Glaive Volleyball Episode 2 Transcript

Hello and welcome to Glaive Volleyball, the second episode. As I said in the first episode. The goal is talk about a few things and the basis of it is to talk about college volleyball in Connecticut and at Springfield College for reasons and if things go well then I’ll a branch out into other areas and go from there but that’s where the main goal of the series will start with and we’ll see what happens after so let’s get into it.

This is going to talk about the past two days of action. September 23rd of September 22nd.

We’re looking at the first thing, wow, just really stammered over that one. Looking at the first thing. Recently ECSU took on Mitchell. ECSU got won three sets to one over Mitchell. presets. ECSU’s Anna Barry had 13 kills and a .550 attack percentage. Nayeli Cruz Martinez had 11 kills and a .611 attack percentage.

Mitchell’s Olivia DeLoach hadNine Kills 17 digs and three Aces St Joseph took on Western Connecticut. Western Connecticut won 3 to nothing. Abbi Debes for Western Connecticut had 10 kills and a .421 attack percentage and Rory McMaster had 29 assists. Then the next day Coast Guard took on Trinity. Coast Guard won that one three to one.

Sofia Galdamez took 11 kills and nine digs and Bella sleever had 10 kills and five blocks. For Trinity Grace Sullivan had 14 assists and four aces. Ally Conde had five bucks. In another Connecticut only meeting. I don’t know why it’s Connecticut only…but in another meeting of Connecticut teams Connecticut College took on Wesleyan Wesleyan got the better of this one winning three to nothing in the sweep. Brina Kuslak had a .591 attack percentage and 15 kills and Maya Lopansri had 35 assists. For Connecticut College, Katherine Randall posted a double-double with 11 kills and 10 digs. Moving to Springfield College they took on tops and took away the win in 3 to 1 sets. Natalie Billet had 16 kills and 11 digs, four Aces, and three blocks. Cameryn Bancroft also had 16 kills and four blocks an attack percentage of .419. Kylie Wixted…nine Kills five blocks. In other scores Post put up three on Nyack’s 0. Southern Connecticut won over Pace three to nothing in the sweep and St. Joseph of Long Island beat Albertus Magnus 3 to 2. That’s all for today. Hope you’ll tune for the next episode.