Glaive Volleyball Episode 1 Transcript

Hello there and welcome to the first episode of Glaive Volleyball what’s this show about a few things it’s going to talk about the colleges in the Connecticut area as well as Springfield College for reasons and then it once I get rolling going to see what else I can throw in there maybe talk a little Athletes Unlimited maybe talk a little International stuff. We’ll see what happens once I get the ball rolling. But first I’ve got to start small and just make sure I can handle that and then build up from that. So some of it won’t be people’s cup of tea. I get that but I will go from there and maybe talk you know about the top college teams in the country. We’ll see. Just…just going to…there’s a lot going on in this state overall so that’s where I’m starting. So this is the first episode. Going to talk about what happened yesterday, September 21st in Connecticut and at Springfield. So without further ado let’s get going. Now know that with pronunciations I look up on the Google machine people’s names to see if I can spot a pronunciation guide to see if there’s a video or some audio of the pronunciations and if I can’t find it I do my best. I apologize in advance if I can’t find it. So Felician took on post Felician had won one set, Post won three post wins the match. Madelynn Boop had 20 kills for Post. Elizabeth McGrath had seven service Aces for post as well and that’s quite a way to win the game that’s for sure. Smith took on Coast Guard. Smith had one set. Coast Guard had three for the win. Amanda Dake had a point 469 hit percentage and 20 kills for Coast Guard. She’s been having a very good season so far. Caldwell, Bridgeport went to five sets. Bridgeport ended up winning that 3 to 2. Trinity took on Mitchell. Trinity swept Mitchell three-nothing. Bryant took on Hartford. Bryant ended up winning that one, three to one. AIC took on New Haven. Chargers took this one 3 to 1 and Babson took on Springfield. The Pride of Springfield took it 3 to 1. That’s all for this week…when that this week this…just this episode is over. Off to a good start…Thanks for watching.