Glaive Soccer Episode 7 Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of Glaive Soccer talking about some action that happened in the past few days this is over the weekend and the few days before that trying to do some little catch-up. So let’s just jump into it. In some women’s soccer action Plymouth State versus Western Connecticut. Westersn Connecticut won this one five to nothing. Myah Croze had a hat-trick. Suzana Imetovski had four assists. Just a great day for the Colonials. St Peter’s took on Quinnipiac. Quinnipiac won that one five to nothing Rebecca Cooke had a hat-trick. She also won conference honors for what her…what she did. Dartmouth took on Yale. This one was very close one. In the first half Dartmouth scored first as Hannah Curtain scored but then Alanna Butcher got one right back with literally seconds later they she got fed a corner got fed cross and then she shot it in diagonally while on the run. There were no more goals scored until late in the second half, but that time Curtain again struck. Got a cross headed it in and it was in the third minute with with 3 minutes left to go I should say and that was it. Heartbreak for the fans at Reese Stadium as Dartmouth pulled it out two to 1. Some MSoc action. Quinnipiac won two to one over Canisius. Brage Aasen had two more goals. He’s been having a great season. Castleton took on Eastern Connecticut. Eastern Connecticut won this one six to one. Ryan Sirois and Andres Mayuri each had a goal and an assist in that one and then turning to Western Connecticut. Western Connecticut beat Plymouth State six to nothing. Kent Eannarino had two goals and one assist. Albertus Magnus had three goals to Anna Maria’s one as Kelvin Cortez had two of those goals and let’s take a look at some of the scores I didn’t mention.

Thanks for watching. Hope you’ll tune in again.