Glaive Soccer Episode 6 Transcript

Hello welcome to the latest episode of Glaive Soccer talking about the action from September 28th, 2021. Let’s jump into the women’s soccer action. First off Wesleyan took on Tufts. Wesleyan won 3 to 1. Audrey Lavey, Grace Devanny, and Ally Stanton Stefani had the goals in that one. Turning to Quinnipiac-Niagara, the Bobcats won 2 to 1. Markela Bejleri had one of the goals and Emily Loney had the other. Now men’s soccer. New Haven took on Saint Rose. The Chargers won that one three-two. Tiago Vintem, Andreas Xenofontos, and Adam Lindstrom had the goals. Just to note on pronunciations, I don’t have pronunciation guides currently so I look up every pronunciation I can online. if there isn’t one I do my best. I will be requesting pronunciation guides from athletic department’s now that the show is run a little bit and I can show them that it exists before I asked them to do any work. In another game, Western New England took on Trinity. Trinity won that one two-nil. Logan Peterson and Michael Treanor had the goals for the Bantams. In the same town more or less, Hartford took on Dartmouth and the Hawks won that one One-nil Addrian Knights-Browne with the lone goal in that game. Going to Quinnipiac-Sienna Brage Aasen had two goals and David Bercedo had the other goal for Quinnipiac at Sienna’s two goals as a 3-2 should have lead with the score there. Framingham State took on Springfield. The Pride defeated Framingham State two-nil. Maitoe Suppasuesangu and Jack Rosenberg had two goals for the pride. Coast Guard defeated Westfield State 6 to 1 Robbie Fugate had a hat-trick. Michael Daunt, Charles Fish & Davis Daugherty had the other goals for Coast Guard. Adelphi defeated Southern Connecticut two to 1. UMass defeat Yale one-nil. St Peters defeated Fairfield 4 to1 and there you have it there’s your soccer. Hope you’ll tune in next time and until then…drive safely.