Glaive Soccer Episode 4 Transcript

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Glaive Soccer. There’s been a lot of action on Saturday. A lot so let’s get to it, but first have to talk about a game that happened a couple of games that happened on 9/23 and we’ll get to that in due course. So let’s take a look at some women’s soccer. First on 9/23 St. John’s defeated UConn three to nothing. Now let’s jump to some women soccer that happened yesterday. First up Rider took on Fairfield and Fairfield defeated Rider three to nothing Gabby Diodati had one goal and one assist. Lexi Lehan had two goals. Also. Western Connecticut took on Keene State. Western Connecticut put up 5 to Keene State’s zero with a very decisive victory. Myah Croze had a hat trick and Kyla Norton had one goal and one assist in that decisive victory for the Colonials. Bowden took on Wesleyan. Wesleyan won 3 to 2. Audra Lavey had two goals. Turning during to men’s soccer. On 9/23 Western Connecticut took on Lehman and they put up 6 on Lehman Frank Muhaj had a hat-trick and Kent Eannarino had three assists and now in looking to Saturday’s action Western Connecticut took on Keene State this time winning three to one. Eannarino had two goals and Muhaj had one goal and two assists in that action. Going from Western to Eastern Connecticut State. Eastern put up four on University of Southern Maine who got blank for the clean sheet of nil and Larson Richards had two goals. Remember that nil to nothing I’m still trying to break that habit and I will now be looking to Post. Post put up fur to Golden-Beacon’s three as Sergio Diaz had two goals. Now let’s take a look at some of the rest of the scores and they were a lot of them.

Thanks for watching and we’re going to see just when I finally stop saying nothing and say nil all through every episode. Have a good one.