Glaive Soccer Episode 3 Transcript

Hello. Welcome to Glaive Soccer episode 3 talking about what happened on September 22nd, 2021. Let’s get into it with womne’s soccer. First stop CCNY…Albertus Magnus. CCNY zero Albertus Magnus 3. Katherine Raposo had the game-winning goal. Falcons had 30 shots…12 on net…It’s a lot of shots and that’s a lot of shots on net and they pick up the win. Moving over to Westfield State versus ECSU. ECSU got downed as Westfield Stave won 4 to 3 in this one but Briley Harnois has her third-straight goal in as many games so that’s quite a streak to go on. Elsewhere Dominican had two goals, Post had zero or nil got to hit that nil as Dominican picks up the win. Heading over to men’s soccer. Albertus Magnus on the men’s side picks up the win. They put up four to Brooklyn College’s one. Luis Agudelo had two goals. Abdoul Aremu had two assists. Next up Williams and Springfield. Williams nil..Springfield 1. Maitoe Suppasuesanguan got the game-winning goal and Clayton Knibbs had seven saves to get the Pride the win. In other action, Trinity nil, Wesleyan 1. Matthew Rubenstein with the game-winning goal in that contest. Turning to the New Haven Chargers. Adelphi picked up the win against them with three goals to two. Southern Connecticut State had nil, St Rose had two so the win obviously goes to the visitors. And that’s a wrap up, thanks for watching.