Glaive Soccer Episode 2 Transcript

Hello and welcome to the second episode of Glaive Soccer. As I said in the first episode, what this shows about is a couple of things. It’s about college soccer in Connecticut and Springfield College for reasons and then as I get rolling I want to roll in National & International soccer more so there’s more of a mix than just the local. And then hopefully talk National International and so right now it’s just the local stuff so I know some people aren’t going to be really into that but I’m just trying to get my wings under me as it were so without further ado let’s jump into what happened yesterday. That’s September 21st in women’s soccer and men’s soccer. So first off, Assumption at Southern Connecticut State women’s soccer. I was at this game. No score in the first half. Each side had the opportunities but not as not great opportunities and so they didn’t really generate much. In the second half Assumption got themselves a penalty kick they were able to convert but then Southern was able to score as Julia Alicea got past the goaltender and that was going to be the deciding factor as they’re going to play to a draw. And Allie Smith for Southern made 7 saves to make sure that Assumption couldn’t get anything else by her. They want to extra time they went to double extra time. Nothing doing. That was a draw. So Western Connecticut three. Russell Sage one. Myah Croze had her six game-winning goal of the season and it’s only September. Pretty amazing. Coast Guard zero. Wesleyan four. Ah supposed to say nil. Coast Guard nil! Wesleyan four. Now at this point Wesleyan has shut out their opponents for 360 minutes. That’s a new program record for Wesleyan. Turning to Men’s soccer, Endicott put up nil to Connecticut College’s 1. Jake Creus had a goal and Hartford had nail to Fairfield one. Jonathan Filipe had a penalty…penalty kick and he scored it so that put the Stags up to win that one. Dartmouth nil, UConn 1. Moussa Wade had the deciding goal in that game. Dominican had one goal to Post’s three. Soren Jensen made 7 saves to preserve Post. Just as a note with pronunciations. I look up everyone’s name in the Google machine and I try to find a pronunciation guide with the athletic department website and then I go and I see if there’s been a video highlight package or something that has the name that I can get a pronunciation for. If I don’t find it I do my best. I apologize in advance if I got it wrong. I’m looking for it if I can’t find it doing my best with it. That’ll be the way it goes. Now here’s a look at some other scores that I didn’t talk about.

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