Glaive Soccer Episode 17 Transcript

Welcome to another edition of Glaive Soccer. Things have sort of been wrapping up in this NCAA season as the postseason has come for many teams. In the…in division three. Wesleyan scored one goal to Stevens nil to advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament. Western Connecticut and Connecticut College both made the same tournament but have since been eliminated. CCSU made the D1 tournament but was eliminated by Georgetown this past weekend. Southern Connecticut made the NE10 tournament and advanced all the way to the championship but was also eliminated. Over on the MSOC side, Connecticut College defeated NYU 3 to nil advance to the third round of the NCAA tournament. Dominican and Post played for the CACC championship and Post won that one. Sergio Diaz had two goals. Alvaro Sanchez won the game in overtime. ECSU made it to the D3 NCAA tourney but it’s since been eliminated. So that has been happening. That’s that’s basically where we are. There is just fewer and fewer games now as the tournaments have been wrapping up so we’ll soon see how much farther these teams in the area can go. Thanks for watching. Hope you’ll tune in again.