Glaive Soccer Episode 15 Transcript

Hello and welcome to another edition of Glaive Soccer. Things are going to be a little different in that rather than going through all the scores and either talking about them or flashing them up on the screen I figured that you know if you’re interested in the scores of a specific team you’re probably going to look it up or just rather looking at every single landscape every single score in the landscape I’m going to highlight some of the things that happen and that way it’s going to be just a little easier rather than trying to go through everything. Now that said I still may talk too much and it still may get out of hand so we’ll see how that goes, but so looking at the past week and the weekend in NCAA soccer out here in the Connecticut and Springfield College area let’s just get right into it and see what happens. Before I do that though just a little quick mention. The NWSL playoffs will be starting up so those are going to be really exciting and NWSL is just a great thing to check out so don’t miss those. But grab my little script. UConn defeated number 21 Georgetown One-nil. Lucy Cappadona had the goal in that one. In the GNAC quarters USJ defeated Albertus Magnus three nil. Maxine Muscatello had two goals to help her team with the win. Bridgeport took on Lincoln, defeated them 12 to two. Kate Thill and Sage Yuen had two goals apiece. In the NESCAC quarters Bowdoin one Wesleyan two, Wesleyan is going to advance. Grace Devanny and Emily Ribatt had the goals for the Cardinals, SCSU upset Saint Rose and Saint Rose ranked number seven…one nil. Emma McMurray had the goal in that one. Marist nil Quinnipiac one. This was in the MAAC quarters. Gretchen Kron had the goal. That one I saw in person. That was a very….the first…first half was kind of back and forth. Each team was trying to get their chances. Marist had more shots on goal I thought where as Quinnipiac was getting far more Corner kicks but Marist was sort of knocking them out of…the out of the box so that was sort of neutralizing Quinnipiac. Quinnipiac was getting more shots that were going wide. But then in the second half Quinnipiac just put all the pressure on. Marist could hardly get anything going in the Quinnipiac end and it the whole…really the whole half was played in the Marist end and then eventually what happened was that Quinnipiac got a set-piece. Selena Salas kicked the ball into the goal area and then Gretchen Kron headed it so it deflected at a different angle than the goalkeeper was expecting it and bam went into the net and that was the difference. Moving on…Central Connecticut defeated LIU 2 to 1. They have clinched home-field for the postseason. They are going to host the NEC championship this weekend. And let’s turn to MSoc. Eastern Connecticut won the Little East regular-season title defeating UMass Dartmouth Four-nil. Sean Caffrey had two goals. USJ defeated Albertus Magnus for two-nil in the I’m right here in GNAC quarters. Williams one Connecticut College two. That means the Camels are now going to host the NESCAC championship for winning that one man. Manhattan one Quinnipiac four. Brage Aasen had two goals in that regular-season matchup. Fairfield four Canisius one. Jonathan Filipe had a hat-trick. and there you have it. Those are the hot games to highlight thank you for watching hope you’ll tune in again. Have a good day