Glaive Soccer Episode 10 Transcript

It’s October 17th, time for Glaive Soccer…talking about Saturday, Friday’s action, maybe some Thursday action in there, not entirely sure. But let’s just get into it quickly. NCAAW. Albertus Magnus took on Dean. <> Magnus Six Dean One. Katherine Raposo with a hat-trick. WestConn took on Mass…UMass Dartmouth. WestConn had six. UMass Dartmouth had nil. Myah Croze had another two goals to add to her very very impressive total this season. On the men’s side, WestConn put up four, UMass Dartmouth had nil in that as well. Franz Muhaj had two goals. Afa Reyes had one goal and one assist. Staying with the men. Post had three, Holy Family had one. Sergio Sanchez had two goals on the day. And now let’s go to the scoreboard for a bunch of scores I didn’t mention just now.

Thanks for watching hope you’re doing it again.