Glaive Soccer Episode 1 Transcript

Hello there and welcome to Glaive Soccer. This is a video show obviously that is meant to do a couple of things. It’s going to talk about college soccer in Connecticut and Springfield College for reasons and once I get rolling I would hopefully be able to add in some national and international talk to that. So this is the first episode starting out very simply talking about yesterday’s action. That’ll be September 19th action in Connecticut. Just some rudimentary stuff and then go from there and see how things go. This is a very spartan episode. In the future I hope to add in some graphics and some more stuff and see what I can do from there but just wanted to see what we could do to start so turning to what happened yesterday at time of the taping… First off Eastern Connecticut took on Mitchell. Eastconn 2 to nothing Briley Harnois had a goal in both games she played this weekend including this one. Alexie Root had her first goal of the season. Springfield took on Williams. Williams got the better of the Pride. Four-nothing win for Williams. Sacred Heart Beat Wagner two- nothing. Grace O’Hara had two goals. New Hampshire took on Hartford. Hartford won two to nothing at home. St John’s took on Yale. Yale won 2 nothing getting the shutout. Columbia beat Quinnipiac 0 to 1 and obviously that’s 1 to 0 if your Columbia. Connecticut College took on Colby two to nothing in women’s action and the men took on Colby as well and they won one to nothing. That was a short amount of soccer on Sunday thanks for watching.