Glaive Hockey Episode 5 Transcript

Hello there and welcome to another edition of Glaive Hockey. You know what goes on here. I talk to you about some hockey in the Northeast region and such. Don’t know what’s going on with my hair back there around. That’s kind of fun… just adjust that right now. A little behind the scenes…me messing with my hair. All right so just as a programming note. In the past I would have covered PHF games as well. And while I reserve the right to talk about PHF stuff in commentary I decided that I’m just not covering the League this year and who knows if I will ever again. And the sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back as it were is that there’s a couple things but it really…it just hit me the past week that what should have made this happen is just how the transgender policy is written. And I’ve talked about before I did a whole discussion of it but if my identity is not valid to the leaguel…if I was… if somebody in the exact same situation as me was trying to play in the league they would not be allowed to and for the idea that I’m supposed to cover those league as if everything is alright…well it’s not alright. So it should have been at that moment that I decided to step away and not give the league the coverage. Now I will be sharing other people’s coverage. I think…I don’t want the league to die course. I want to support the players, at least the players that don’t support Barstool, but and I want the league to somehow figure things out and move forward and I support the reporters and support the fans. So to that end I support their work but I myself am just not going to contribute to that given the circumstances. And also there’s been in just the past week, what happened is repeatedly you know that media was notified of media events within 24 hours and these were on weekdays and most media work and so the idea of them getting time off to cover these events is very difficult when you have a less than 24 hours notice. And it seems very unfair for that limited notice to be given out and so in addition to this whole transgender policy and of course then we go back to Digit Murphy being part of the transphobic group and the league and the Toronto Six not addressing it for six months and all of that. And of course the league courting Barstool and that terribleness there you know you just use have a whole package of things. But you also if the fact that the league is not letting the media do its job properly and that’s not right either. And you sort of put that all together and it just sort of was enough to say to me enough is enough and so I’m just going to be focusing on ollege hockey and some international hockey and just other random hockey as I see fit and go from there. So that’s my long way of saying it and so without further ado as it were… I’m going to jump into the college hockey now and we’ll go from there as some games I wanted to highlight in the WHOC. Brown one, Colgate 7. Big big score of Colgate. Sydney Bard had 3 assists. Caitlin O’Donohoe two goals. Then Dartmouth took on Clarkson. Dartmouth had zero Clarkson had 5. Caitrin Lonergan, one goal two assists for Clarkson. Brooke McQuigge two goals. Clarkson beat Harvard 4 to 3. Clarkson’s Laurence Frenette had two goals, Now Dartmouth didn’t have a terrible weekend totally. They beat St Lawrence 6 to 2 Currie Putrah had two goals and one assist and Catherine Trevor’s had one goal and two assists. Holy Cross took on Merrimack. Merrimack is victorious 5 to 3.

Then Princeton defeated Union 4 to 2. Grace Heiting had two goals for Union. Sara Paul had two goals for the Tigers. Northeastern defeated Providence 5-1. Skylar Fontaine had four assists, no biggie. Maureen Murphy had two goals and one assist. Also no…so no biggie. Alina Mueller had one goal and two assists so they’re Northeastern’s offense up to his usual tricks again. LIU defeated post 6 to 1 LIU’s Jeannie Wallner had two goals and one assist and here’s a fun one. Yale defeated Cornell 7 to nothing. Cornell is a high-quality team and Yale just obliterated them. Claire Dalton had two goals and two assists, Charlotte Welch had two goals and one assist, and Elle Hartje 0 goals 3 assists. I don’t know why I put zero goals in there that’s a bit of a silly way for me to know that you got three assists. High-quality game. Western New England two Curry one. This is the first CCC win in program history for Western New England. That should be noted that Yale also defeated a Colgate four to nothing. They swept the weekend gave up no goals. That’s probably should have added a notation about the shutout there. My bad on that one. Over in the MHOC, Princeton six Yale two. Ian Murphy of Princeton one goal two assists. Pito Walton three assists. From the Yale side, Niklas Allain two goals. St Lawrence four RPI 3. SLU’s David Jankowski three assists, Chris Pappas had two goals. RPI’s Shane Sellar two goals. Clarkson three Union four. Clarkson’s Mathieu Gosselin had three assists on the day. Cornell defeated Dartmouth 5 to 4 Ben Berard of the of the big red had a hat-trick. For Dartmouth Jeff Losurdo had two goals and one assist, Tanner Palocsik had three assists for the Big Green in a meeting of the colors there. It’s Christmas! UConn defeated Maine 3 to 2. Harrison Rees of Uconn had two goals. For Maine Donavan Villeneuve-Houle had two goals for the Black Bears. Boston U took on Northern Michigan. Northern Michigan defeated BU 5 to 3 but Robert Mastrosimone for BU had two goals. AIC took down RIC 7 to 3 Brian Rigali had two goals and two assists for AIC. Merrimack four Boston College 3. But, Mark McLaughlin of the Eagles had two goals. Post narrowly defeated Assumption five-four. Evan Lugo had two goals for Post. Sacred Heart and Mercyhurst tied at 3. Neil Shay had two goals for the Pioneers. And UConn defeated Main 4 to 3 in the other game. Ryan Tverberg had two goals and one assist. And there you have it for the college games. Unfortunately my Cardiff Devils lost their….lost a few of their games so I can’t sing their praises. Don’t have any updates on Agidel in Russia. They haven’t played a game in a while. Not sure what the schedule is like over there. They played fewer games in the Bruins have in the past few weeks. So thanks for watching. Hope you’ll tune in again and until then I have no catchphrase prepared. See you.