Glaive Hockey Episode 4 Transcript

Hello and welcome to another edition and Glaive Hockey. Going to do things a little differently moving forward in that I’m not going to talk about or show scores for every single game that happened in the Northeast region and just sort of highlight some games in the hopes that figuring that you know people probably looked at some of the games they interested in so if I just highlight somethings that may make more sense. That said I may talk too much and talk about too many things any way but we’ll see what happens so without further delay talk about the WHOC. Colgate took on Dartmouth and won Four to Two Dara Greig had two goals and also Colgate took on Harvard, defeated Harvard 5 four. Danielle Serdachny had two goals. Kalty Kaltounkova had one goal two assists. Merrimack defeated UConn breaking UConn’s unbeaten streak this season. Katie Kaufman had two goals. Now UConn had a bet going with their coach if they got to ten and oh he would get a spray tan and unfortunately for all of us that will not happen now. Harvard defeated Cornell in an upset 4 to 1. Becca Gilmore had two goals. Cornell then went to Dartmouth and Dartmouth upset Cornell 4 to 3 and then Princeton defeated Yale 2 to…to…nothing Maggie Connors had two goals. Quinnipiac took on Brown and defeated Brown 5 to 3 Quinnipiac now remains undefeated. They then took on Yale the next night and remained undefeated as well defeating Yale and I forget the score but needless to say they are undefeated. Western New England defeated Anna Maria in their first game in program history four to nothing Rieley Jessie-Gerelli with the shutout in goal. They would then would then go on to beat Anna Maria the next day so there now two and oh in their program history. Clarkson defeated RPI one to nothing. This is after playing Union in a close game where it was two to one for a very long time before they had some empty netters to stretch out the score late so it’s very interesting to see Clarkson playing some teams generally have not been at the top of the table and it’s so it’s…ECAC is going to be very interesting this year. LIU defeated St. Michaels 9 to 3 Journey Miller, Megan Roe, Carrigan Umpherville had two goals apiece for the Sharks. Sacred Heart swept Post including in a game four nothing where Alex Ocel had two goals. Also in Russia over a week ago Agidel split their series with SKIF and in the SDHL Brynas beat Leksands October 28th 3 to nothing. Now on to the MHOC. UMass Lowell swept BU this weekend. Won a game three to nothing in Boston and then beat them at home 1 to 2 one to two two-one that’s how it works 2 to 1 when you have more goals in one. Meanwhile Harvard scored a ton of goals. They beat Dartmouth 9 to 3. Matthew Coronato had two goals and two assists and they beat Bentley 7 to 3. Sean Farrell having two goals and two assists, Nick Abruzzese having four assists, and Henry Thrun having five assists so just a lot of go…a lot of goals and lot of points for the Crimson. Providence beat New Hampshire 6-1 UMass beat Merrimack 5 to 4, Garrett Wait had two goals and BC defeated Vermont 3 to 2 with Jack McBain having two goals. And that as they say is that in the highlights category. I don’t have a rant to go on specifically this week but I probably will the next time you talk to me. And by talk to me I mean I talk to you. All right thanks for watching. Hope you’ll tune in again