Glaive Hockey Episode 3 Transcript

Welcome to the latest episode of Glaive Hockey. This is episode number 3. Thanks for joining us and by joining us. I mean joining me cuz it’s literally just me. No one else. There’s no camera person. No producer. Just me. Let that sink in. Let’s get to the scores. In NCAAW Merrimack and BU took on each other. They tied 4-4. In the shootout Merrimack won that one to get the extra Hockey East point Courtney Correia two goals for BU. Teghan Inglis had two goals for Merrimack. Providence took on Quinnipiac. They tied 1-1. This was after tying two-two the day before. This was a very…this was…what this was, was a goalie matchup. Both teams have plenty of offense. They were going at each other, but the defense and the goaltenders both Sandra Abstreiter and Corinne Schroeder both very highly talented goaltenders just basically shut down the offense so each side can only get one goal in and that was where it all ended up. I mean they tried, they tried, and they tried but in the end it was just one goal apiece. BC took on New Hampshire BC won that one three to two. Abby Newhook with two goals on the day. Sacred Heart took on LIU, but LIU the Victor three to one. Jean…Genie Jeannie Wa…Wallner had two goals apologies for getting the first name wrong first time. Saint Michael’s took on Post with Post won that one three to one. Kirsten Browning with two goals for Post. Colgate shellacked Syracuse 7 to 1. Danielle Serdachny two goals. Sammy Smigliani two goals as well. St Lawrence took on Clarkson. Clarkson won four to one. Caitrin Lonergan two goals for the Golden Knights.

Riveters took on Princeton in an exhibition in some little PHF and NCAA action. Riveters won this one two-one Kendall Cornine had one goal and one assist for Metropolitan. The Whale played Yale as well but I have no idea what happened. There’s no release from either team and no tweet from the Whale so I don’t know what happened. It was mysteriously mysterious. There could have been a dragon in the rink, who the heck knows. Turning to men’s hockey, Northeastern played BC, BC won that one five to three. Marc McLaughlin had two goals for BC, Aidan McDonough had two goals for Northeastern. Merrimack took on Colgate Merrimack won five to three. Max Newton and Ben Brar had two goals each for Merrimack. Josh McKechney had two goals for Colgate. Now I’m going to throw a bunch of other games on the scoreboard that I didn’t talk about.

All right so in the last episode I talked about the PHF transgender and non-binary inclusion policy and focused on one part cuz I’m still working through all the other parts and because there’s a lot to the document. There’s things that were improved dramatically both in terms of what the then NWHL policy had been and then in dramatically also compared to what other sports organizations had. That is undeniable truth but there are several pieces to the policy that are just not good. And in my last episode I spent about 7 minutes talking about the two-year waiting period that exists. If you are transitioning and you have to live in the gender that you are transitioning in for 2 years before you can join the League or if you’re non-binary you need to be non-binary for two years before you can join the League. So if you were…if you were you know if you were going to change your status and you’re already in the league you might lose that status if you were a new player who want to join the League but in the new status you would have to wait the two years. And I asked the league what was the deal with this and they said it was to you know what…I’m paraphrasing for their quote but they said it was basically again to prevent somebody from defrauding the system which is what we all suspected. It was and again and it is not a problem. People are not doing that. If it becomes a problem then obviously systems need to be put in place to deal with it. But what the priorities should be is helping the people that need the help. That need the service and that is transgender and non-binary people. It should not be dealing with what is the concern of not transgender and not non-binary people. People who are raising fears and scaremongering tactics that there will be this group of generally in the story men who will pretend to be women and win all the prizes just because that’s just what will happen. That’s just the scary story that they bring up and this is not happening and the priorities are entirely mixed up. And it is not fair to the people who need the opportunities to have to wait two years, to have to have the onus on them to prove that they aren’t defrauding the system. It says to them that they’re in there…they’re guilty until proven innocent because no matter what they do they have to wait two years because of some fear developed by people who are not in their position.

And a lot of those people voicing those fears do not have the best motives. Some have…I don’t know what their motives may be but some are just interested in bigotry. Others may think they’re just doing their best to protect whatever but regardless of that…

If you’re going to be extending opportunities to people you need to extend opportunities to people. Not extend opportunities to people but then be saying “but by the way we still don’t trust you.” So I said a lot of this last night and it’s…I’m not surprised to hear the reasoning and but we now have the reasoning it’s official and one has to really wonder where…just where we are now.

Thanks for watching hope you’ll do it again.