Canadiens Time Season 3 Transcripts

Here you will find transcripts to episodes of Canadiens Time Season 3

Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to Canadiens Time. It’s been a long time a lot of “fun” things got in the way, and it would be nice to have returned under happier circumstances.

But of course the Canadiens are finishing up a literally terrible road trip, but the hope will be that as time goes on changes will be made.

My hope is that as trades get made and they’re coming, it may take the deadline for them to get made, but that we will see that they’ll be openings for other players to get their shot cause right now there’s just players that are just filling space. And admittedly, you have players that I have nothing against personally, but are just not producing.

And that includes Armia, and that includes Pezzetta and I’m a huge Pezzetta fan but he’s just not producing. So it may be time to consider maybe other options, and when when you look at you know you also have to ask questions of you know how is Drouin (Mispronounced) Drouin (Mispronounced) Drouin doing. My apologies on stumbling over that.

But he’s not that far behind a lot of the others that have been struggling. Evans has 7 points. Drouin has 6. Dadonov has 8, Gallagher has 8, so Drouin is not that far off the pace of a lot of the veterans so I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to write him off yet.

So I think it’s just gonna wait till these trades happen, and they open up room for the Laval players.

That’s all.

Episode 2

hello and welcome to Canadians time today the topic is your Juraj Slafkovsky. Now it’s come up recently that um the Canadiens might want to make a move given his performance and development it was brought up by Marc Dumont in a recent piece that if he plays in two more games he will burn a year towards his unrestricted free agency so that in Dumont’s opinion that’s not it’s not worth it given the what Slafkovsky is doing at the NHL level but at the same time Brian Wilde has also argued that Slafkovsky is not touching the puck enough and not developing enough and in the last game is playing on the fourth line and so that also that Slafkovsky should go to Laval so both of them are on the Laval side of things given the um the both the development side and in demand’s case the contract side Matt Drake uh in his in his piece uh didn’t bring up Laval but didn’t say that the Canadiens need to give him more minutes because four or fine minutes are not where he should be he should not be on the grinding line he should be given more appropriate settings and I’m sure that would align with what for instance Wilde is saying where Slafkovsky needs to touch the puck more shoot the puck more be in those situations as as for me I find it that I’m sort of lining up more that Slafkovsky should be in more situations up with the NHL club now Dumont put together a very interesting net level of Statistics he found that um he looked at the Corsi For, The high danger chances and the expected goal percentages for various lines Slafkovsky has been on and most of them have struggled however he did find that there was some high level of results when Slafkovsky was paired with Evans and Anderson and that it was a CF percent of 69.8 high danger of course you’ve represent of a high danger chance per percent of 85.7 sorry for stumbling over that and expected goal four percent of 78 percent and so compared to all the other lines he had and it’s all in the piece he put out so that’ll be in the show notes there was I would say well put Slafkovsky back with Evans and Anderson and see how that line develops there’s no reason that can’t be a second line that you build around while maintaining the first line of Suzuki Caulfield and Dach and doing whatever you want with the third line and having you know the fourth line of personally I don’t really want the grinder line I’d like to see some of all people up there I’d like to see Richard up there or Harvey-Pinard and um but I just think don’t sense Slafkovsky down to the Laval but give him the opportunity he needs up on the NHL club but keep him up there and give him the partners that he’s worked the best with that’s all

Episode 3

Hello, and welcome to Canadiens Time. First off, we need to begin with the fact that Joel Armia has scored a goal.
We did it!
Okay, moving on. Other than that, the Rangers-Montreal Canadiens game did not go very well, for the Canadiens.

Fortunately I have divided loyalties, liking both teams, so I get away with a win either way.

But this is a Canadiens podcast. So it’s still very bad luck for the Canadiens as they come away with yet another loss I believe it’s their 7th straight.
And that’s just not going to. Well, it’s just not gonna be good.

But as JMcinthe613 reminded me, there is good news, and that involves the Canadiens prospects who are playing in World Juniors as the final games were played today, and Lane Hutson played for team U.S.A. and won Bronze and Joshua Roy and Owen Beck played for Canada and won gold. I’m just gonna call up their IIHF statistics here, and if the site is to be believed, Lane Hutson had 1 goal 3 assists for 4 points. But as some of the reporting has mentioned, his impact could be felt far off the score sheet. So I urge you to go and read the reporting.

That’s been done. As to his impact, Owen Beck had one assist for 1 point, and he was hardly used, and but he but where him, when he was used, he made it count, and Joshua Roy had 5 goals, 6 assists and 11 points overall, as part of a line with Connor Bedard so Roy really made the tournament work for him.

Obviously Beck, probably made the largest impression in camp, and everyone was probably sorry to see him go when he went back to you know the Steelheads, so it’s still it’s auspicious to see those players in the World Junior Championships. So meanwhile, as we watch the Canadiens flounder, there is hope in a lot of the prospects.

There’s so many that will be coming up through NCAAs, through the junior ranks, and we could only hope that once the reinforcements arrive, there’ll be an even brighter future for the Canadiens, that’s all.

Episode 4

Welcome to Canadiens time. First of all this, this is going over there (tosses reverse retro jersey away)
I, I…I, I’m so upset I could throw a shark. In fact, I am going to throw a shark right now. I’m going to take this shark, and I’m gonna throw it (throws large stuffed shark) I do not understand this team. There’s plenty of good players on the team.
We know that the the most of those veterans are not bad players, and yes, the defense is young.
We know the defense is young, but they’re also good young players, and you know there’s certain players that are out. Monahan’s out. Matheson’s out. Guhle’s out. That’s true. That’s true. But the team doesn’t need to totally collapse.
And yet, but also, they put Hoffman in. They take Richard out. Richard is this fast-moving, exciting player, and Hoffman is Mike Hoffman. Why would you do that? You have the opportunity to bring a young player up who has momentum, who showed what he could do at the AHL level. And instead, you go right back to that guy. There’s just some decisions are just being made that it just make no sense. And and I, you know there’s always talk about team, tank and all that. I I don’t care about that, because I I personally think they’re still trying to win games, and they just aren’t winning games. And but I mean, if you’re gonna tank a team, I guess you would put Mike Hoffman in ahead of other players.
That’s that’s a way to win. That’s a way to Tank, is, you know, Mike Hoffman is definitely one of the leaders of Team Tank.
Alright! I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s just they, they, they! They won the game against the Blues and things we’re looking up. They look like they look like a hockey team again, and versus the Kraken, shut out again and it’s just at least Montembeault made a lot of saves and good for good for him.
He’s been playing well, and but I got nothing I got. I just I just threw a shark. That’s that’s what I got tonight.

Episode 5

Hello! And welcome to Canadiens Time. What can I say? Canadiens won another game, and that’s great news. And they did it all without Mike Hoffman.
Joy to the world, joy to all the boys and girls. I don’t know how the rest of that song goes, and probably, if I repeat it, I would probably have to pay royalties or something which I’m in no position to do anyway, Habs scored 2 power play goals tonight.
Both Cole Caufield which it basically the Habs basically have one power play plan. It’s just eventually pass it to Caufield, and he’ll do a one timer, and if that plan doesn’t work, they have nothing on the power play but it worked tonight. So that’s good, I guess they just should stay with that plan until something else comes along.

Also we saw. Jesse Ylönen up for the first time this season, and he was very noticeable including getting a point, and also had a nearly had a steal on the Nashville goaltender, which nearly led to some great results. So you know, as I’ve been saying, I think the young guys really need to be up more. I mean, they brought Richard up, they now brought Ylönen up. Yeah, they should bring Harvey-Pinard up because these guys are playing for something. They want to play for a spot on the team, whereas, you know, we see a lot of veterans struggling.

You want to bring the young guys up because the young guys really can add a spark. As we saw that spark tonight from Ylönen, and and then that would just really, I think, give the team a better chance, as things are going on. And obviously there’s space concerns. There’s cap concerns. It’s not easy to do all these things. I get that. But still I think if the team could work on getting some of these Laval stars up, more things would turn around for the team at least a little bit.

So I think that’s good when tonight and it’s you know. Sam Montembeault played well. things are going to be looking team’s gonna be looking to him for a little while with Jake Allen out, and I think he can be relied upon. And hey, you know, hopefully, there’ll be another win coming up soon. That’s all.

Episode 6

Hello, and welcome to Canadiens Time. Well, the Canadians lost to Florida Panthers tonight, after what had been a sort of an optimistic 3 to 1, 3 one se-sequence, when the seem to be picking up some momentum and then that came crashing to a halt tonight and but there was here was some hope in that in that the Canadiens were down four nothing then five nothing, and they still battled back to get two goals until that sixth goal was scored, and then that kind of deflated things.

But there’s still tere was still fight in the team, and that’s good to see. You don’t want to see, you know the team giving up, and now certainly didn’t happen to tonight.

Of course, from my perspective, what I’m looking for the most is, you know, you read article after article, in the fine Canadiens media publications. They talk about all the rumors regarding trades and waiver wire deals and things like that. But yet no moves are made, and at this point I’m just like there’s so many injuries affecting the team, and they’re down to 11 forwards.
And I just have to say, you know, Kent Hughes make a move already. I realize your bargaining position is going to be stronger, at, you know the closer you get to the deadline. But seriously, guys are passing through waivers left and right. There’s a need for more bodies. Make a move. That’s my message of this episode today. Kent Hughes, do something. That’s all.

Episode 7

Well hello and welcome to another edition of Canadiens Time. The Canadiens just finished up losing a what was a close game to the Boston Bruins, but ended up not going. The Canadiens way. This, after defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs and overtime 3-2 recently. And this is, of course, as we all foresaw, the season would be where Cole Caufield would be out for the season, and Sam Montembeault would be the the rock, or that around the goal the goaltending rock that the team would find itself centering around and of course, half the team would be AHL callups at with the veteran core injured, and of course, still with half the veteran core injured, Mike Hoffman is fine.

But what this shows is the resiliency among the Canadiens. That is very important to see. They have no quit in them. They defeated Toronto, and they could have totally won the game against Boston tonight. There’s there’s no doubt of that. Boston, of course, is the one of the best, if not the best, team in the NHL right now. But the Canadians held them off, and you know, when they were down two-one late in the third they came back, and they tied that game so it’s of course Kirby Dach is proving to he’s sort of taking the team on its back in the absence of Cole Caufield, and what what an acquisition he has been.
Just I mean Kent Hughes was a total genius in making that deal so the there’s a lot of hope here, and there’s no there’s no tank here, because the Canadiens are not or are they they’re they’re playing honestly, too well to be tanking. The players that are coming up from the AHL are playing too well and the veterans that are left are playing too well, and even, and and so it’s it’s just gonna be a very interesting season to see where Canadiens end up because it’s not going to be at the bottom of the table.

It’s just not. There… there are teams that suck just way too much, and they’re not the Canadiens. So it’s just gonna be a very interesting…a very interesting next few weeks and months to see how many times the Canadiens can beat the Maple Leafs again, and after the trade deadline, who’s left. And just, I say, enjoy the ride, because the Canadiens are playing with house money. They’ve got nothing to lose, absolutely nothing to lose. So that’s all.

Episode 8

Hello, and welcome to Canadiens Time. We see once again the Reverse Retro jersey appear to be a cursed garment as the Canadiens fell in overtime tonight to the Detroit Red Wings, though there was hope, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard played extremely well, as did his his line. I got to admit a little while ago I was basically saying I didn’t see where Michael Pezzetta fit into the scheme. I was wrong on that. I think he’s he fits in, and he fits in very well in in this sense of this line that he’s working very well. Belzile and RHP. And I think he’s always he’s always been a he’s always shown a massive amount of effort. That’s no doubt of that. It’s just been where what has been produced from that effort. But I think he’s he’s earned a place on the team. And so my earlier comments about, you know, moving him out, moving others in, I think you know, he should be able to stay up and and I think he’s earned a place. So I mean, but also, you know, I had been waiting for you know, to see some of these of all players. Now we’re seeing them, and now they’re producing. And you know Jesse Ylönen, you know, you feel like he’s gonna produce more than he has. And Belzile is on the verge of verge of producing, I mean, in terms of goals.

I think it’s these injuries have really provided an opportunity for these players to actually finally get up to the big club. And it’s why the I think that we haven’t seen the team drop off in terms of play that much. I mean, they’re just you what you would expect over there now they’re gonna now they’re gonna play more poorly. Well, they’re not. They’re playing well, because these players that were in Laval are quality players. And you know it’s not, it’s not my.
knowledge of that I mean the the people that actually know what they’re talking about, you know talk about that. That’s how I know that. So this is a very interesting time.

And it’s actually a time where I’m feeling somewhat optimistic in that I mean, we know with the season the the Habs aren’t gonna go to the playoffs, and they certainly aren’t gonna win the Stanley Cup. But I think that Habs and Habs are not going to get Connor Bedard either, because they’re not they’re playing too well for that. And now maybe the Florida Panthers will suck so much that they’ll get down to the lowest rank and get the first pick that way. But other than that I don’t think there’s going to be a way for him to become a Canadien. So it’s just a matter of seeing, you know just what does the Canadiens have in terms of the younger players or in terms of Laval players, Belzile is an older player of course, but he’s showing his talents, and when that trade deadline comes and some players go, if it if as expected, that’s going to be the true test to see just what the team has left to build upon, and so I feel I feel optimistic, seeing how they’ve been playing lately, and this is certainly. You know. I I I worry on this on this little podcast and hardly anyone listens to. I worry about being too negative when we’ve seen so much sort of bad stuff happen this season. But I think there’s reason to be feel good, and it’s not gonna be the greatest seasons this year. But I think we have a lot to look forward to. That’s all.