Canadiens Time Season 2 Transcripts

Here you will find transcripts to episodes of Canadiens Time Season 2

Episode 1 – Just a Minute!

Hello and welcome once again to Canadiens time gonna do this a little differently. We’re gonna try to in 1 minute talk about a few things happen in the Canadiens world. So late last night or tonight, depending on what you listened to this Kevin Weekes unveiled that the Canadiens are seeking a
long term. deal with Jake Allen. See what that happens. There also earlier, Kirby Dach signed a 4 year deal that finally ends the long, long, long waiting and speculation over Kirby Dach. Finally, you’re gonna want to check out Habs Unfiltered when it comes out, the podcast, is having having Hadi Kalakeche on who’s an expert on prospects. Just does a fantastic job. So you’re going to listen to that podcast. That’s all.

Episode 2 – Goalie Stuff

Hello! Welcome to Canadians Time. First things first. Carey Price post posted a message on on Instagram to the Fans.
So if you want to go over and read that, go over to Carey Price’s Instagram, and have look. Also
Cayden Primeau has signed a new 3 year, one way deal, averaging 8…890,000 800,000 $890,000 a year.
In an interview on the Habs site, he said, “I put some standards in place in the past. That haven’t really worked out to my benefit. So what i’m really trying to do is just go back to basics.” It’s very interesting comments.
We’ll see how it affects his NHL and AHL career. Mathieu Perreault has retired after 13 years in the league.
He had 708 games, 143 goals, and 352 points. Also…make sure you’re following reporter Patrik Bexell, who has been bringing a lot of info on Habs prospects in Europe. It’s a great follow, make sure you do that. That’s all.

Episode 3 – Locked on Canadiens Can’t Have my Toaster!

Hello! And welcome to Canadiens Time, Just a…just a few things you should check out in the Habs media. First of all, Trege Wilson wrote a great article about 4 defensemen that play on the right side that the Canadiens could target, including Nils Lundkvist, which could be a very good trade if the Canadiens pulled off with the Rangers, so check that out. Also. The Habsent Minded podcast 5.14 talked about Riley Kidney, Beck and Lane Hutson and the Hutson info is just wild. The amount of just detail about how he plays. Finally Locked on Canadiens. The mail bag episode came out. There was a bunch of questions on
Habs personnel got real detailed and also they talked about toasters. And I just want to say…Scott Matla you cannot have my toaster. My toasters here. You can’t steal it, don’t steal it. It’s right here, but you can’t have it. All right. Okay.

Episode 4 – Rookie Camp Is Coming

Hello and welcome to Canadian time. The Rookie Camp roster has been released, and the names you’d expect to see like Slafkovsky, Mesar, et cetra. The NCAA prospects can’t attend because of NCAA rules. There are some names on the list that have not been spoken of much in prospect land, probably some invitee. Marco D’Amico has an article on inclusions and omissions, including a very glaring omission that for very logical reasons. I invite you to go take a look at that article. It will be in the show notes. Logan Mailloux has been invited as well, even though he’s injured and will not be participating. Personally I don’t want him in attending anything ever. Grant McCagg sent Yuraj Slafkovsky questions for his site Recrutes, and there’s some very funny answers and I really suggest you go take a look at that. Also the golf tournament’s happening on Monday and there’ll be a round table with Marty St. Louis, Kent Hughes, and Jeff Gorton sometime. They haven’t identified the time yet. That’s all.

Episode 5 The Captain

Hello! Welcome to Canadiens Time. We finally have a captain. Nick Suzuki has been named the 31st captain of the Montreal Canadiens. It’s a great choice! Now, of course, there was a debate over whether there should be a more veteran choice made, and give Nick more time to learn. But this makes sense because he’ll be in place for a long time. There’s no talk to him being traded or being not you know, involved with the Canadiens, whereas Joel Edmundson and even Brendan Gallagher…there has been talk that maybe they will be dealt somewhere. So this makes a lot more sense and what also what is ridiculous is these calls for Nick Suzuki to learn French. It’s just political nonsense and it’s ridiculous. He’s there to play hockey. Let him play hockey. And you know it’s just he has learned some French. But, it’s just ridiculous these calls for him to learn French. That’s all.

Episode 6 Something Fun

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time following up on a topic I talked about last episode. Matt Drake has a fine twitter thread that really takes apart the argument that Nick Suzuki needs to learn French. I’m gonna put it in the show notes. So you can take a look at it. Also on the Monday episode, Locked on Canadiens, they talked about whether the Canadiens should keep Joel Armia or Paul Byron if it comes down to a choice. They concluded Paul Byron was the choice and I agree He’s faster and he adds, more to the Canadiens. Finally on an episode of the Habby Hour, which is a great podcast that everyone should listen to as as is Locked on Canadiens…But the Habby Hour, David Auger promised something fun and then he didn’t entirely deliver. So i’m gonna do something fun right now. Or I’ll show you something fun. Take a look at this. Nick Suzuki fighting a Dalek. All right.

Episode 7 Jersey Sad

Hello! Welcome to Canadiens Time. First topic jersey ads. Now I’ve been mulling not talking about it, but honestly, not a fan, and I know the NHL is just gonna do what it’s gonna do. But yeah you know I kinda kind of decided to get into it based on what I heard on The Build. The Build is a great podcast hosted by Ian Boisvert and Ian pointed out that the jersey ads on the Canadiens uniforms are going to go right where the tribute patches go and to me. That’s incredibly unseemly because you just can’t have the tribute patches and the ads go in the same place, and it just goes along with the whole capitalism thing, and it’s just it’s just not right and they should just have left that part of the jersey pure, honestly, and I know people are gonna disagree, but I just think it’s wrong.

Episode 8 A GAME!

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. Well, we have a rookie game, and the Canadiens lost 4 to 3 to the Sabres. Heineman, Mesar, and Beck scored in this one. Coach Houle after the game talked about Juraj Slafkovský and he said he played a good game, but you might have been trying to do too much. so Slafkovský, for his part, admitted he might have been trying too hard at times but attributed that to wanting to win. He also admitted a few mistakes, but also says he’s looking forward to tomorrow. And that this is gonna happen. Also Houle talked about Arber Xhekaj and he talked about how there’s Xhekaj was trying to get rid of his sort of meathead persona, and he said he’s not a meathead he’s a good player and I’m sure he’s got better feet than you half jokingly to a reporter. Owen Beck also talked about Xhekaj , and thought he actually didn’t impose his physical will on the game as much as he could have but he says it’s coming. So that will be interesting to see just how Xhekaj performs. That’s all.

Episode 9 BECK!

Non-binary individuals, ladies and gentlemen, Beck! Okay, not that Beck but we’ll get into that in a minute.
Welcome to Canadiens Time. last night New Jersey devils 1, 4, 3, and over time over the Canadians, William Trudeau, Philip Mesar, and Owen Beck had the goals for the Habs. Mesar and Beck both have their second goals of the tournament so that’s impressive. Beck had the most beautiful goal of the game when he was fighting his way to the center, and then fell down with two guys covering him. He in the post game, he noted he’s been trying to add an offense because a lot of people question it. He’s a face-off master and he’s been known for his defense. He also noted that Phil Danault is a role model for him because of the 200 foot game which the Canadiens surely could have used last season. So just look forward to that, he’s been a very impressive player.

Episode 10 That Guy, Xhekaj

Hello! welcome to Canadiens Time. The Montreal rookies won 7 to 2 over the Ottawa Senators rookies on Sunday as Xavier Simoneau had 2 goals, Emil Heineman, Riley Kidney, John Parker-Jones, Brett Stapley and Miguel Tourigny all had goals as well. Arbor Xhekaj got into a fight and was more physical in this game.
Kaiden Guhle said it was nice that Xhekaj could protect some of the young guys with targets on the back. Xhekaj for his part, said quote “I just look at the boys on the bench and they’re all smiling and laughing because they’re like ‘We’ve been waiting to see it.’ So I just start laughing to I can’t hold it in.” So he was happy to get involved physically. Also, he said, quote “First game I think I was running around a little too much. I got too excited first game back. I was getting myself out of position, but today I was just letting them come to me it seemed like it came a lot better today.” Part of the thing with Xhekaj is going to see how he can control his physicalness and make the plays defensively and stay out of the box. That’ll be determining how good a player he is. That’s all.

Episode 11 Visit Western New York

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. In the follow up to the prospects tournament there were several articles that came out which broke down, how the prospects performed. Naturally many people thought that Owen Beck, Yuraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar performed well. Also several said that Xavier Simoneau, Arber Xhekaj, William Trudeau, and Emil Heineman performed well. Mattias Norlinder however, seemed to not do the work he needed to do, and it’s Arpon Basu, as indicated in his own article in the Athletic, Norlinder is now part of very crowded defender prospects group. Just may..this may put him, in my opinion, in some very hot water, as he tries to find a place in the Canadiens system. Just to note on Xhekaj. He had mentioned in a presser that he had had to talk to the referees about something inappropriate one of the Ottawa Senators prospects said, and that’s a very stand up thing for him to do. I also wanted to mention that on the Habby Hour Dave Auger said some bad things about Western New York, and I happen to be from Western New York, which has, by the way, the best hot dogs known to man out in Oswego , and I must defend the honor of Western New York. It’s a very beautiful country, and I will not have it from some Easterner who comes from Albany when we’re talking…Albany is in no position to talk about Western New York…so that’s all.

Episode 12 Arrivals and Departures

Hello! Welcome to Canadiens Time. First off P. K. Subban has announced his retirement. This comes after 834 games played, 115 goals, 352 assists and 467 points. I admittedly only seen Subban play once for the New Jersey Devil like that now that was against the Canadiens. But I remember him for all his charity work, he seemed like a very class act. Also the Canadiens have released their camp list and this consists of 74 players, 21 defensemen, 44 forwards, 9 goaltenders. This also includes Paul Byron. Carey Price and the disgraced, Logan Mailloux who are injured. 47 of these players have NHL contracts. 15 have AHL contracts and four have PTOs. David Auger of the Habby Hour podcast indicated that everyone from rookie camp is in the main camp. That’s all.

Episode 13 Dance Party

Hey! What’s up everyone? We have the boys dancing in here!
Welcome to Canadiens Time. That, of course is a quote by Juraj Slafkovsky that came from the Canadian media session today when they were taking pictures and doing videos on the rink and in front of this 80’s background. So of course, he said that before he panned over to the group of players included Cole Caufield, who was kind of dancing, it was kind of a weird situation. Then in another another scene that the camera just zooms in that Christian Dvorak and he’s just staring at the camera. It was hilarious, and also Chris Wideman had the phone at one point, and he found Sean Monahan. He was just like this guy is the best looking man on the team and Monahan does look pretty good. Also just a few notes. Habs Unfiltered just came out it’s great. Locked on Canadiens is back to five days a week so that’s awesome.

Episode 2.14 Culture

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. Well, media day brought with this surprise, as we learned that Nick Suzuki is out with lower body entry for 2 weeks. Joel Edmundson is out indefinitely with a lower body injury. Jake Evans and Josh Anderson are out with upper body injuries and they’re day to day. Martin St. Louis talked to the media, for a while, and he mentioned that when asked about the new culture he’s installing, he says, Quote “This isn’t a new culture so to speak” then he added “we define what is our culture.” It’s sort of saying that it wasn’t a newer culture he was trying to install, but just that the he was trying to find out what their culture was, and it’s kind of interesting how he sort of explained that in the making it different that perhaps under different administrations, that the team wasn’t entirely sure what their culture was and that perhaps was creating a problem. I found that fascinating and I’ll be interested to see what that leads to resultwise.

Episode 2.15 Matheson

Hello! welcome to Canadiens Time. Today’s topic I thought I’d focus on Mike Matheson. Now in a presser that recently happened. Martin St. Louis said that he’s going to be counted on for a lot of minutes, and that he expects him to be able to play a lot of minutes. But he also expects him to have a good opportunity here both in terms of playing time, and also that he thinks the game the team plays is really gonna fit him. Matheson gave a really long presser in which he said a lot of things, and at one point he said, quote: “I think there’s a lot of people that are coming into this camp hoping to play a different role or a bigger role then they were accustomed to maybe in years past and I’m definitely one of them.” so he was sort of into illustrating that he’s prepared and ready to step up. He was also asked, what about what he did in Pittsburgh last year that may have led to the year he had, he said, quote, “I think what I was able to do in Pittsburgh was to find a bit more of a groove where I was playing well defensively and not try to push offense and just let it come to me but also using my abilities to generate. And so not just taking the foot off the gas pedal completely. I think I’ve learned to pick my spots a lot of better.” And finally an interesting quote. He was asked, I think, how to improve his game, and he says, or where do you want to improve this game? “I think everywhere, but specifically I’d like to get a little bit more sophisticated offensively. Hoping I’ll have a bit more of a role here. To be able to generate a little bit more offensively without adding a bunch of risk either.” So we see a player who is, and especially has to step up now the Jo-el Edmundson has been injured. It’s Joel Edmundson but he was saying his name was Jo-el on the Twitch stream. So now it caught my head so we’re seeing a player Matheson, who really has to step up now, and he seems ready to do it, and he seems ready to improve. So it’ll be very interesting to see how it goes this season. That’s all.

Episode 2.16 Montreal Canadiens: Civil War

Hello, and welcome to Canadiens Time. It’s Sunday just a few hours after the Red and White scrimmage has wrapped up and Team Red obliterated Team White 7 to 2. Team White you suck! Now what doesn’t matter…the season doesn’t matter. The playoffs don’t matter. This game is What matters! Okay? That’s probably far from the truth. Well let’s get to the goals then. Team Red’s Anthony Richard had 3 points of the game. 2 goals, one assist. Now that was what probably all the prognosticators had predicted would happened. Anthony. Richard was going to be the superstar of the game. Owen Beck had two assists now that’s much more what we probably expected. For Richard’s first goal Beck had a good pass to feed. Jesse Ylonen, who unselfishly gave it to Richard. Ylonen probably could have finished it himself. He had a gap open, but he gave it to Richard. Richard got the goal also. Team Red’s goals came from Alex Green. Of course. we also knew, was going to perform ablely today fed nicely by Filip Mesar. Joel Armia had a goal. Jared Davidson used some serious stick handling to get into position and flick it home. Xavier Simoneau got the puck and shot it as 2 defenders converged on him for the goal, and of course, Arber Xhekaj finished scoring off when he got a pass sent right across the net from Joshua Roy. Was a great thing to see. Team White goals were scored by Brendan Gallagher and Lucas Condotta. Condotta’s goal came on the breakaway. He got fed the puck, he spun around and scored the last goal that team White would see. Interesting…interesting thing about the game was that the Dadonov- Dvorak-Gallagher were on a line together. Stéphane Robidas was coaching one of the teams and he said about that line “They’ve been good, they’ve been good at scrimmage the last few days. Good energy, smart players. Compete. I think they could be a very good line for us.” That’s all.

Episode 2.17 Actual Opponents

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. Today the Montreal Canadians were defeated by the New Jersey devils in the first precision game of the preseason. It was the lone goal, for the Canadiens came from Cole Caufield, as Mike Hoffman set him up extremely well, and Caufield was able to knock it in for the side of the net. Michael Pezzetta also scored a goal. but it was negated by a very clear off-side call. Also also noticeable in the game, was Owen Beck, as usual. He’s been having a great pre-season. Kaiden Guhle and Filip Mesar were also very noticeable as well. On the defensive side, Mike Matheson really had himself a game, including a play, in which he stopped a New Jersey drive cold with a very nice move, and Mike Hoffman, who has been very much maligned, including by myself, had himself a very effective game. It’s almost as if he ran all the criticism of himself and said “enough is enough.” Jake Allen was in net for half of the game, and he had a very effective game himself. He gave up no goals. Cayden Primeau came in for the second half and gave up 2 goals, but it doesn’t appear to be cause for concern. After the game. Martin St. Louis had a few comments on Beck. He said “He plays a very mature game. He doesn’t play like an eighteen year old.” Have to agree with that. On Matheson, he said, “Obviously his skating is just so elite. He’s very engaged, directs traffic, he’s a leader on the ice.” and that’s really a credit to Kent Hughes for picking up Metheson in the Petry deal. St. Louis was asked about Harris playing on the opposite side, and he said, “I know that Jordan can play the right. We’re just evaluating. You know that we have a lack of righties. You know that most likely we’re going to need a guy to play the right side. You know he used his feet really well, and he’s used to being on that side, so we’re going to keep evaluating.” So that’ll be very interesting to see where Harris ends up. Harris has been playing very well this preseason.

Episode 2.18 Signs

Hello! welcome to Canadiens Time continuing to follow up on the first postseason, postseason game…pre-season game that is. Martin Martin St. Louis had this to say about evaluating the defensive core. He said, that they need to avoid making an opinion too early in quote, as said quote “One day you think this guy’s ahead, next day you think that’s guy’s ahead.” so they’re gonna keep gathering information. As for his view of Slafkovsky, he said, Quote, “I thought he was fine, I thought he had good jump. Looked like he was having fun out there. He was asking questions.” Slafkovsky when asked how he thought he was performing, said: Quote. “Won a couple pucks, lost a couple pucks, just, yeah I can be better, I know myself, I can play better, I can skate faster, and shoot more.” So Slafkovsky’s certainly looking to continue to improve his game as the pre-season continues. Cole Caufield was asked about playing with Owen Beck and Owen Beck has sure distinguished himself throughout these preseason activities. Caufield said that this to say “He was solid tonight, solid on the faceoff dots, think all around he had a good game, he was fun to play with and I see good things in his future for sure.” Also. Jake Allen started the game and played half of it, and he was asked about how he was communicating with the defense, I believe, and he said, quote “Yeah I think that’s part of my role here. It’s not just to go in there and stand in the crease. I think there’s a bigger picture with this whole situation. I think for me, it’s obviously to stop the puck, but at the same time be a leader. I’ve gotten to play behind a lot of great defensemen in my years. Just little things. It’s more about communication and puck handling and going to spots that make my life easier and will make their life easier as well. That’s all part of the growth process. It’s my job to communicate on and off the ice and do it for the benefit of the group really.” That’s all.

Episode 2.19 Don’t

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. Yes the Canadiens lost to The Toronto Maple Leafs three to nothing tonight, but this is happening with many things.
This is development, it’s not necessarily about the wins and losses, as the coaches try to evaluate the talent that’s coming up. As Trege Wilson pointed out in a tweet the Habs dressed 3 NHL forwards, and one and one half NHL D. And the rest are going to be AHl players, Junior players, European players, and Martin St. Louis when asked about how they were looking at the developing players said quote. “If you expect immediate understanding and execution you don’t understand what teaching is.” So there’s clearly a process, and this is the second pre-season game. They had the rookie tournament.
They had the they had training camp but there’s just clearly this is a young team, is an inexperienced team, and there’s a lot of people concerned tonight about the lack of offense production. But it’s just this is the way it’s gonna go because there’s so many young players that they have to look at and are still being developed. One of those young players is Arber Xhekaj and Martin St. Louis had this say about him. “I thought Arber had a great game. Thought He played hard. Made some poised play, defended well. Was physical at time. I didn’t like the call on the penalty. But he played a very mature game.” Xhekaj, for his part, was asked how he thought he performed, and he said,” All in all I thought it was pretty decent, I thought I had a lot of confidence out there and I was making plays that I liked. I would have liked to get a couple more hits in obviously, but there weren’t really there and I wasn’t trying to force them so all in all I thought I did well.” He also was asked to compare last season to this season season’s pre season games get a longer quote. But he began that quote by saying that he definitely felt more comfortable out there.

Episode 2.20 The Last Christian

Hello! welcome to Canadiens Time. Well, the Canadiens played another game and managed to lose against the Winnipeg Jets, but not to get too much into the nitty gritty of that one. I wanted to talk about post game what was had to be said about a Christian Dvorak. Martin St. Louis was asked about how he thought Dvorak played and he said, “I feel very comfortable when Dvo is on the ice. He’s very responsible at getting faceoff. But also he has a good hockey mind. I don’t know what kind of year he had prior to when he came back from injuries when I was here, but down the stretch he was a really good player for us. I think he just kind of took his summer seriously. That I know. Worked on some things he needed to work on. But I think he’s jumping right back into what he kind did towards the end of the year.” And it was true to Dvorak scored a lot of points from the moment he came back into Martin St. Louis’ tenure as coach. Also an interesting comment was made by Kirby Dach. They were talking in his interview about Dvorak, and he mentioned Dvorak was underappreciated.
A reporter asked him to follow up and he said “I think he’s got a ton of skill. I think maybe the media you people don’t give him the credit he deserves. You win championships with guys like that on your team. He’s awesome, he’s a great guy to have around the locker room. He’s a ton of fun. Obviously it’s nice as another young centerman to have him and Nick around. You can kind of bounce ideas off each other. It goes a long way.” So it’s very interesting opinion from fellow centerman about Dvorak. Also some other random stuff, the great podcast known as the Habby Hour tape today. And so you should listen to it. Couple of interesting points. They talked about they talked about how there’s now 69 players left in Canadiens. That’s nice. And also the “Last Christmas” movie. Which has George Michael Songs and Wham. And by the way Michelle Yeoh is in that movie.

Episode 2.21 Waiting For Primeau

Hello and welcome to Canadiens Time. Well, the Canadiens have taken on the Ottawa Senators in the first of their 4 preseason games. Ottawa won the game 5-4 in overtime. but there was a lot of things that could be gained from it. But first of all Let’s just recap what happened goal-wise, Jake Evans scored the first 2 goals for the Canadiens. First came, when Rem Pitlick sent it over to him, and he scored that one and then the second one he got the pass right in front of the net. He kind of doinked it up into the net, and that was the second one. And then, Pitlick himself scored when Jesse Ylonen sent it across the net, and Pitlick scored it, quite similar to how how Cole Caufield field scored his power play goal in the other game and finally, Barron scored with a wrister as he skated it in, set it up nicely…just…just a beautiful goal. Now Cayden Primeau was the goaltender in the whole game. He looked all right, despite giving up 5 goals. Habs Eyes on the Prize’s Matt Drake put it: “He made a number of high-quality saves, and the game could have been out of hand well before overtime if not for his efforts.” Montreal Hockey Now’s Marc Dumont said: “Cayden Primeau didn’t just improve upon his recent performances, he put together his best game since the Canadiens opened their rookie camp on Sept.14.” Jake Evans had this to say about his teammate: “Yeah he made some great saves. We put him in some tough spots. Like I said we’re lucky it’s pre-season, and hopefully we don’t have to put our goalies in that position much more.” And Jordan Harris said: “Preems made some huge stops for us on the back end. So I think we could have helped him a little better on the PK there.” So sort of the. Primeau has had a really rough season of the NHL last year so this is kind of just an interesting game for him as he really sorta stepped up. Just important to know how in context he performed. That’s all.

Episode 2.22 The Chosen One

Hello! Welcome to Canadiens Time. The Canadiens tonight lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs in preseason action five to one.
It was not a pretty game to watch, so the Canadiens did not deploy a full NHL roster, and the Maple Leafs basically did so. The one goal that came in, scored with Jonathan Drouin put in a puck knocked to him after Juraj Slafkovsky attacked the net. Essentially it was a good goal to see, and also it was great to see Slafkovsky scoring…scoring a point that you know you know what I mean. One of the highlights was Slafkovsky and he had this to say after the game they were talking to him, and he says “We can say it’s best performance so far, but it’s far from what I can play.” then they pressed him on it. He said “If I keep working even harder harder, because this was the game…but I know like I said I can play better, if I play at what I would say my best level then I can I belong.” And he was just sort of saying if you could belong to an echelon of player, he said. He added, “Today it was closer to that level.” So his basic point is is that he’s just not where he expects to be, and he has a has ways to go. Josh Anderson was also asked about Slafkovsky’s performance, and he said, “I know we’ve had multiple discussions, ya know just him and I personally throughout the game, and I liked what I saw in the second and third period. It looked like he was using his body a little bit more, and stronger on pucks, and he looked confident too with the puck and trying to get it to the net as much as possible.” He also said, “I still think he’s still getting used the ice surface and what not. I just told him ‘keep going, keep pushing yourself’ and I think the more games that he plays, it’s going to slow down right for him and he’s going to see the ice a lot better for sure.”