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Whitecaps sweep Pride, advance.

WALTHAM, MA – The Minnesota Whitecaps defeated the Boston Pride to advance in the Isobel Cup playoffs Saturday evening at Bentley Arena. Taylor Wenczkowski put the Pride in the lead up early with a dirty goal in front of the Whitecaps net, but that was the only lead Boston would have. At 08:05 in the first Jonna Albers struck short handed to even the score and three minutes later Brittyn Fleming got Minnesota the lead they would never relinquish. The game would stay at 2-1 however until the third period when Minnesota would drop the dagger. Sidney Morin intercepted a Boston pass in open ice and streaked into their zone unleashing a shot past the tender for the two goal lead at 3:04. The Pride kept fighting but at 7:14 the Whitecaps used a brilliant set of passes to get Natalie Snodgrass the puck and she banged it home for a 4-1 lead that would hold.


From a question from Boston Women’s Sports on strategy employed to beat the Pride:

“We needed every single player to come today and find a different level and everybody did,” Whitecaps Coach Ronda Engelhardt said. “We started off slow, but the way we responded was impressive. Lev played phenomenal…our D was smart and doing the things we’ve been talking the whole year long. So overall I think it was just a huge team win.”

From a question from Dan Rice:

“Stephanie Anderson,” Amanda Leveille said. “She doesn’t get a ton of ice time but anytime she’s on the ice she’s doing something to pump up our team.” Leveille noted that Anderson blocked a Fratkin shot in the third and how hard Fratkin shoots the puck.

From a question from Dan Rice on how to beat Corinne Schroeder:

“Pucks to the net and don’t quit I guess is the easiest way to put it,” Engelhardt said. “and that’s what we did, we kept going and going and going.”

From a question from Dan Rice:

“People were back checking and picking up sticks and when teams do that it makes a goaltender’s job really easy.” Leveille said. “I love seeing shots from the outside and the team kept pushing them out there.”

From a question from me on who stood out:

“Jonna of course had a great weekend. Lev, I think our D stepped up. Snodgrass was working hard back and forth. Not a lot on that scoreboard, she did score today, but she’s working hard both ends of the ice. And Liz [Schepers] was blocking shots. Everybody, I don’t even want to pick people. Everybody just stood up and were doing what they needed to do. We had more people blocking shots than we’ve ever had. Everybody’s just working hard, you can tell they’re tired, but they finished each shift and those little things really help.”

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