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SCSU v. RIC Results & SCSU Video

by D.F. Pendrys

SCSU Videos


SCSU 189.5 RIC 184.650

SCSU set a new school record of 48.475 on Vault and RIC set a new school record of 47.350 on Beam

Vault: Hanna Zebdi & Brooke Burkhart SCSU 9.775, Hannah Stahlbrodt & Cassidy Girolamo SCSU 9.675, Lexi Bracher SCSU 9.575

Bars: Hannah Stahlbrodt and Bianca Leon SCSU 9.775, Chelsea Baker SCSU 9.575, Audrey Arnold SCSU 9.5

Beam: Olivia Keyes RIC 9.675, Emma Tucker RIC 9.650, Hannah Stahlbrodt SCSU & Kelsey Gates RIC 9.6

Floor: Olivia Keyes RIC 9.75, Noely Macias SCSU & Kelsey Gates RIC 9.650, Hanna Zebdi SCSU 9.625

All Around: Olivia Keyes RIC 37.875, Kelsey Gates RIC 37.650, Emma Tucker RIC 36.275.

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