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WCU Quad Results & Video

by D. F. Pendrys


Team: West Chester 193.1 Brown 192.875, Cortland 182.8 Bridgeport 172.6

Vault: Mei Li Costa Brown 9.8, Julia Bedell Brown 9.75, Jessica Meakim WCU, Joanna Chambers Bridgeport 9.7

Bars: Mei Li Costa Brown 9.925, Jessica Meakim WCU 9/.825, Ella Poley Brown 9.775

Beam: Natalie Marshall WCU Nicole Javinett Bridgeport 9.825, Lily McFarland WCU Kat Doran Bridgeport 9.8

Floor: Jessica Meakim WCU 9.9, McKenna Kissinger WCU 9.875, Julia Bedell Brown 9.825

All Around: Jessica Meakim WCU 38.625 Kiana Session Bridgeport 38.6

Videos (Note, Floor vids were not shot, apologies. Also some WCU Vault vids were unusable. Again apologies.)

Playlist of All Videos

Cortland Playlist

Bridgeport Playlist

West Chester Playlist

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