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Ithaca, Ursinus at Springfield Results & Video

by David F. Pendrys


Vault: Jillian Freyman, Ithaca & MacKenzie MacLeod Springfield 9.6, Nya Pauldon, Ithaca 9.575, Meghan Bell, Ithaca 9.5

Bars: Tori Sipes, Springfield 9.65, Alyssa DeLorme, Ursinus 9.55, Zoe Kyriakopoulos Ithaca 9.5

Beam: Mackenzie MacLeod, Springfield 9.7, Devon Rosier, Springfield 9.675, Madison Zimmerman, Ursinus 9.6

Floor: Caitlin Pellegrino, Ithaca & Devon Rosier, Springfield 9.675, Jillian Freyman, Ithaca, 9.65, Skye Cohen, Ithaca 9.625.

All Around: Skye Cohen, Ithaca 37.475, Alyssa DeLorme, Ursinus 36.9


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