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SCSU and Assumption Draw

By D.F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT – One hundred ten minutes was not enough to settle things between Southern Connecticut Owls and Assumption Greyhounds Tuesday night as the two women’s soccer teams ended in a one to one draw at Jess Dow Field.

The first half would end in a nil-nil tie despite both teams producing pressure. It would be Assumption that had perhaps the first best chance of the game late in the first, but they could not turn it into points, and Southern then tried to respond but was also thwarted.

In the second half the intensity increased as Southern produced an early opportunity, and Assumption responded with a credible shot on net that was saved by Allie Smith. Assumption kept up the pressure though and came away with a penalty kick which Diana Bruggeman converted on to take the lead in the 54th minute. The teams went back and forth and Assumption generated another chance, though Southern responded with their own attacks, and Julia Alicea ended up in close and got it past the keeper to tie the game at 62:51. Each side continued to battle looking for opportunities, and both teams let loose shots as the half continued but none would find the back of the net. This included a Greyhound shot that hit the post with under 10 minutes to go in regulation.

In the first extra time period. SCSU managed three shots but two sailed over the net and one was saved, while Assumption attacked as well but did not find as much success. When the teams went to a second ten minutes of extra time, each side had their chances, but yet again none would result in that elusive second goal.

With the outcome Coach Adam Cohen’s Southern squad is now 1-4-1 (0-2-1) and Coach Chip Warner’s Assumption team is 3-1-1 (1-0-1).

For Assumption, Bruggeman and Haley Faulkner had 3 shots on goal, and Annie Irwin and Maya Demello had 1 apiece. Bruggeman had 4 shots total and Irwin 3 total.

Alicea had 2 shots on goal for SCSU (4 total), and Kaitlyn D’Amico had 2 on net and 3 total. Greta Brunello had 2 shots and Mia Mulin had 3.

Allie Smith made 7 saves for Southern and Julia Walsh made 3 for Assumption.

Noticed Contributions (A lot happens on the field and it is not reflected in final stats so what is noted is mentioned here. By no means an exhaustive list, for every play I see there could have been a dozen I missed but it’s an attempt to note what is not noted.)


  • Maya Demello disrupted Southern’s offensive at least a couple of times.
  • Addison Davis had at least two interceptions and otherwise disrupted SCSU at least once.
  • Katherine Laboissonniere had at least two clears, disrupted SCSU numerous times including intercepting a pass into the defensive area and disrupting a cross attempt.
  • Chelsea Hoey had a steal which led to a run and an attack.
  • Haleigh Ward intercepted the ball and moved it up, also had a long run.


  • Nadine Hilkert had at least one interception.
  • Julia Casimiro disrupted Assumption at least twice.
  • Kylee Slavik stole the ball from Greyhounds at least twice and moved it up. Also she ran down a long pass, then knocked ball off defender to earn a corner.
  • Riley Ayer disrupted Assumption at midfield. Later intercepted the ball and moved it up.
  • Amanda Dustin at least stole a ball at midfield, disrupted an Assumption play, deflected a shot on net and disrupted her opponent’s in the goal area.
  • Greta Brunello disrupted the Greyhounds at least once.
  • Julia Alicea had a good offensive run in addition to her goal.
  • Caileigh Driscoll had at least two disruptions of the opposition and at least one clear.
    Aries Bell blocked an opposing shot.
  • Kaitlyn D’Amico deployed an excellent spin move away from multiple defenders then rushed in for a scoring opportunity.
  • Mia Mulin had at least one clear.

Stats from official athletics sources.

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