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Purple Knights Earn 2-1 Victory Sunday

By D.F. Pendrys

BRIDGEPORT, CT – The Bridgeport Purple Knights women’s soccer team fended off a late comeback attempt by the Dominican Chargers to take a 2-1 victory Sunday afternoon at home. In the first both Dominican’s Lynne Garofalo and Bridgeport’s Clara Karlsson had made key saves to keep the score at nil-nil early on. Bridgeport had gotten the scoring started in the first when Evelyn Hammer went on the attack close to the net. Her attempt was stopped but the rebound bounced to Samantha St. Pierre who knocked it into the net at 28:33.

The game would sit at one to nil for some time until late in the game when Andrea Basilicato’s pass found Amiah Washington in great position and she launched the ball into the corner of the net to give the Purple Knights a 2-0 advantage at 80:28.

They would need at that extra goal as Alyana Gonel of Dominican broke in on net not long after and outmaneuvered the keeper. She then deposited the ball into the open net to cut the lead at 84:39. But that would be the visitor’s only tally of the afternoon.

Dominican goalkeeper Garofalo faced 9 shots and made 7 saves. Bridgeport’s Karlsson faced 4 shots and saved 3. Bridgeport took 20 shots overall and Dominican took 9.

For the Chargers, Gonel took 2 shots on net including the goal and 3 shots overall, Isabella Wysocki had 1 shot on net and 4 shots total. Olivia Ferris had 1 shot on goal as well. Abby Montera had a shot to round out the total shots.

For UB, Hammer had 2 shots on goal and 3 total and Angelina LoFranco put up the same stat line. Felicia Svensson and Washington each had 1 shot on goal and 3 shots total. Kate Thill had 1 shot on net and 2 total. Samantha St. Pierre and Anisha Hill launched one shot on goal each. Also with shots were Tori Smith with 2, and Basilicato and Leigh-Ann Ramsey each with 1.

Bridgeport is now 3-1-0 and Dominican falls to 0-3-0.

Noticed Contributions (A lot happens on the field and it is not reflected in final stats so what is noted is mentioned here. By no means an exhaustive list, for every play I see there could have been a dozen I missed but it’s an attempt to note what is not noted.)


  • Alyana Gonel: Had numerous runs up the field on the attack. Also had a clear on a corner kick. At one point she she sent a cross to Montera during the attack.
  • Isabella Wysocki: Had at least 2 clears, a run on the attack, and at least one interception.
  • Logan Valdes: Disrupted at least three passes into the offensive area, also disrupted a Bridgeport run. Had at least two interceptions and sent the ball up the field on one of them.
  • Abby Montera: Had an interception at midfield and one in the offensive zone which lead to an opportunity.
  • Ally Whittaker: Disrupted UB’s attack at least three times in her defensive zone. She also intercepted a UB pass in the defensive side and took the ball up a bit. Had at least one clear.
  • Bailey Cummings: Blocked a shot, and disrupted at least one pass.
  • Victoria Bonner: Blocked at shot.
  • Gabriella Bedetti: Had at least one clear.


  • Felicia Svensson: Disrupted a Charger pass into the goal area, disrupted at least one other pass and had a clear.
  • Angelina LoFranco: Disrupted Dominican then cleared the ball. Also had an interception which she followed up by passing up to a teammate for a chance.
  • Leigh-Ann Ramsey: Had a run that lead to a shot. Got to a loose ball in the offensive zone. Run shot.
  • Andrea Basilicato; Had a run on the attack and at least two clears.
  • Kate Thill: Had at least one run on the attack.
  • Olivia Pousette: Disrupted the Dominican attack at least three times.
  • Samantha St. Pierre: Had at least two clears.
  • Amiah Washington: Teed up a good cross, also blocked a shot, and had at least one clear.

Offensive movements: (Just some of the passing sequences and whether they resulted in opportunities or not.)

LoFranco-Livia Busin

LoFranco-Thill-LoFranco leading to a shot.

St. PIerre-Thill-Ramsey


Morgan Dodge-Evelyn Hammer leading to an opportunity.

Busin-Washington led to chance.



LoFranco-Thill leading to both an opportunity and a corner kick.

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