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SCSU wins decisively in 5-0 romp.

By David F. Pendrys

NEW HAVEN, CT – The Southern Connecticut State University Owls dominated their game against the College of Staten Island Dolphins Saturday afternoon, controlling possession, limiting attacks on their own side, and putting up five goals on the visitors en route to a decisive victory.

The scoring began in the fifth minute when Riley Ayer fed Kaitlyn D’Amico the ball and she headed it into the net decisively for the ultimate game winner. 35 minutes would elapse before Aries Bell sent the ball over to Victoria Vera who outran the defenders in an attack to the center of the goal area. She let her shot go on the ground and it went in for a 2-0 advantage. That is how the first half would end.

Just minutes into the second though, Vera struck again. This time D’Amico passed it to Caileigh Driscoll who crossed it Vera who just had to tap it into the net for her second and Southern’s third of the day at 39:44.

A SCSU player in white kicks the ball flanked by two light blue glad defenders at a red clad goalkeeper.
The soccer ball goes into the net past a sprawled red clad goaltender as a SCSU player in white who shot it and 2 blue clad defenders look on.

The scoring ceased until late in the game when Sabrina Nogula got the ball over to Julia Alicea who launched it diagonally into the corner at 84:29 to cement the rout. But 3 minutes later Kat Mancinone got in close to the net, outmaneuvered the keeper and scored as well on the open net.

CSI netminder Ariel Salaman made 5 saves on the day, and Southern’s Allie Smith made 2 for the clean sheet.

CSI’s Emily Albano and Kolleen Rodriguez had CSI’s only shots which were also on net.

Southern had 20 shots total and 11 were on goal including obviously the five goals. D’Amico had 2 shots on goal and 3 shots total. Alicea 2 shots, both on goal, Amanda Dustin had 2 shots both on net, Mia Mulin, 2 shots, 1 on net, Vera had 3 shots, and 2 on net, which both went in. Mancinone’s lone shot went in, and Driscoll had one shot on goal.

Lindsay Burnham, Ayer, Emma McMurray, Georgia Teixeira, Kylee Slavik, and Faith Lee also had shots on the day.

With the game outcome, Staten Island drops to 1-3-0 and SCSU rises to 1-2-0.

Noticed Contributions (A lot happens on the field and it is not reflected in final stats so what is noted is mentioned here. By no means an exhaustive list, for every play I see there could have been a dozen I missed but it’s an attempt to note what is not noted.)

Staten Island:

  • Megan Meagher: Disrupted SCSU a couple of times had an interception, a clear, a steal and then moved the ball up the field.
  • Angye Galan: Disrupted an SCSU attack in the defensive zone.
  • Natalie Benites: Had at least one clear and a steal at midfield.
  • Danie Duka: Had a run up the field.
  • Isabela Castro: Had an interception, deflected a shot, intercepted a pass and got it out of the goal area.
  • Jacquelyn D’Amico: Had at least a couple steals and a clear.
  • Nadia Evola: Got to an SCSU cross and cleared it.
  • Emily Albano: Intercepted a pass into the box and cleared it, and had at least three other clears.
  • Kolleen Rodriguez: Had at least two runs up the field.


  • Caileigh Driscoll: Stopped CSI Run, used spin move to avoid CSI.
  • Nadine Hilkert: Gained possession at midfield.
  • Mia Mulin: Cross that lead to a teammate’s shot.
  • Amanda Dustin: At least one interception. Stopped a CSI run.
  • Victoria Vera: At least one steal.
  • Riley Ayer: At least two interceptions at midfield.

Some of the scoring attempts: (Just some of the passing sequences on some of the scoring opportunities that didn’t result in goals but did result in chances.)

Lindsay Burnham to Julia Alicea to Kaitlyn D’Amico

Victoria Vera to Caileigh Driscoll

Nadine Hilkert to Caileigh Driscoll to Victoria Vera

Nadine Hilkert to Riley Ayer to Hilkert to Amanda Dustin to Mia Mulin to Kaitlyn D’Amico to Victoria Vera

Kylee Slavik to Felicia Laguerre to Kylee Slavik

Lindsay Burnham to Kaitlyn D’Amico

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