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Bridgeport Wins on Late Goal

By David F. Pendrys

BRIDGEPORT, CT – The Bridgeport Purple Knights Women’s Soccer squad took the win Friday night over Goldey-Beacom thanks to a seventy eighth minute header from Andrea Basilicato. The play came about though due to the persistence of Angelina LoFranco. She had originally sent a corner kick into the opposing box, only to have it sent back out by the defenders, but she corralled the ball and sent it back again for a second chance and Basilicato struck to break a one one tie.

It was the visitors who gained the initial advantage in the first when in the 21st minute Kira Cohen sent a cross over. It bounced momentarily but found Alyssa Ruggieri, and she had a lot of room to shoot at, launching it past the keeper into the corner diagonally.

Only a few minutes later though at the 25th minute, Bridgeport responded. Leigh-Ann Ramsey got the ball across to Kate Thill who split the defenders and charged straight in on net. From her center position she was able to send it by the keeper.

Despite the 1-1 deadlock for much of the game, Bridgeport was generating far more pressure and far more shots than the Lightning of Goldey-Beacom. Nonetheless, the score remained what it was until the decisive strike late. The visiting goalie, Noel Talbot, faced 8 shots on net and made 6 saves, while UB’s Clara Karlsson faced 4 shots and stopped 3. Goldey-Beacom would take 6 shots altogether, while the Purple Knights let loose 15. Talbot also had to challenge UB several times to prevent further potential goals. Karlsson also had one moment where she needed kick a ball out of play to stop an offensive attack and potentially prevent a goal.

Thill had 3 shots on goal (5 total), Tori Smith had 2, Samantha St. Pierre had 1, as did Basilicato (her goal) who had 2 total, and LoFranco had 1, and 2 total shots. For the Lightning, Ruggieri obviously, Jaida Brown, Lauren Ebner, and Paulimar Coll had the four shots on net.

Bridgeport rises to 2-1-0 with the win. Goldey-Beacon drops to 2-1-0 in the non-conference matchup.

Noticed plays. (A non-exhaustive look at some plays that happened in the absence of analytics. A player might have many more instances of anything noted here, it’s just what was noticed. And many players are not listed that of course played roles.)


Olivia Pousette: Had at least one interception.

Felicia Svensson: Had at least one clear.

Thill: Numerous offensive runs on the attack. On defense had a header to clear it out of the defensive zone.

Livia Busin and St. Pierre connected on an effort that led to a team shot.

Ramsey: had a steal at midfield.

St. Pierre: Used a spin move to beat defense that lead to an offensive chance. Later on she used two moves to get an offensive opportunity.

Thill, Basilicato, and Ramsey connected on passes to generate an attack.


Alex Lowry: Had a steal in the defensive zone, an interception, disrupted a pass into the defensive zone, and disrupted a cross.

Melayna Immediato: Intercepted a UB ball at midfield and sent it up.

Kira Cohen disrupted UB’s attack in the zone and cleared it.

Busi Sokoya: Blocked a shot, intercepted the ball at midfield, and had a clear.

Alexa Pacheco: Intercepted the ball and brought it out. Late in the game she got the ball out of the goal area likely preventing a UB score.

Paulimar Coll had at least one clear, moved it forwarded another time, and also later kept an offensive try alive leading to shot.

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