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Throwback Thursday: West Chester Gymnastics

Today, Throwback Thursday spotlights West Chester by linking to videos of the best scores possible from West Chester’s video archive. The team’s Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores are featured since the first year students have not been able to compete.

Here’s a Twitter Thread

Here’s a few highlights of the group.

All the links to check out!

Bars Ashley Duke @ECACs 3/23/19 – YouTube
Bars Jessica Meakim @UPenn 2/16/20 – YouTube
Bars Melanie Wojewoda @SCSU 2/29/20 – YouTube
Bars Sam Kelly @Pink 2/21/20 – YouTube
Bars Sammie Gill HOME 2/1/20 – YouTube
Bars Yoli Nodarse HOME 2/9/20 – YouTube
Beam Ashley Duke @Maryland 1/13/19 – YouTube
Beam Jessica Meakim @Temple 3/6/20 – YouTube
Beam Kiah Johnson @William&Mary 2/23/20 – YouTube
Beam Melanie Wojewoda @Pink 2/2/19 – YouTube
Beam Rose Fanara HOME 3/16/19 – YouTube
Beam Rose Fanara Little Boston Invite 1/11/20 – YouTube
Beam Tiara DeTommaso Intersquad 12/6/19 – YouTube
Beam Yoli Nodarse @Pink 2/22/19 – YouTube
Floor Annie Bailey @Temple 3/6/20 – YouTube
Floor Brashlyn Johnson @Cortland 2/9/19 – YouTube
Floor Jessica Meakim HOME 3/16/19 – YouTube
Floor Kiah Johnson @UPenn 2/16/20 – YouTube
Floor McKenna Kissinger HOME 2/9/20 – YouTube
Floor Sam Kelly Intersquad 12/6/19 – YouTube
Floor Tiara DeTommaso Intersquad 12/6/19 – YouTube
Floor Yoli Nodarse HOME 3/16/19 – YouTube
Vault Annie Bailey @SCSU 2/29/20 – YouTube
Vault Ashley Duke @Towson 2/3/19 – YouTube
Vault Brashlyn Johnson @Pink 2/22/19 – YouTube
Vault Jessica Meakim @Cortland 2/9/19 – YouTube
Vault Kelley Lubking Little Boston Invite 1/11/20 – YouTube
Vault Kiah Johnson @UPenn 2/16/20 – YouTube
Vault McKenna Kissinger @William&Mary 2/23/20 – YouTube
Vault Sara Bell @Nationals 4/12/19 – YouTube

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