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Yale v. UNH Gymnastics with Video

Meet Report [Full Results from Yale Athletics]

Yale v. UNH Gymnastics 1-27-19

UNH 195.375   Yale 194.125

Top Scorers:

Vault: Nicole O’Leary and Lauren Diggan (UNH) 9.75, Danielle Mulligan (UNH) 9.725, Emma Winer (UNH) 9.7, Charlotte Cooperman (Yale) Eriin Carroll 9.675

Bars: Danielle Mulligan (UNH) 9.9, Jessica Wang (Yale) 9.85,  Jacey Baldovino (Yale), Riley Freehling (UNH) 9.8

Beam: Danielle Mulligan (UNH) 9.9, Riley Freehling (UNH) 9.8, Kiarra Alleyne, Emma Firmstone, Jessica Wang (Yale) Hannah Baddick 9.75

Floor: Alyssa Firth (Yale) 9.875, Kiarra Alleyne (Yale) Lauren Diggan (UNH) 9.85,  Ava Watkins (UNH) 9.825, Jade Buford (Yale), Emma Winer (UNH) 9.8

All Around: Danielle Mulligan (UNH) 39.275, Jade Buford (Yale) 37.975

Rotation Video Playlist

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