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Yale Picks Up Key ECAC Win Defeating Brown 4-2

By David F. Pendrys

New Haven, CT – Yale Women’s Hockey picked up a win over Brown Thursday night, dominating period one by a 9 to 2 shot margin before giving up 3 penalties in succession in period 2 to give Brown some momentum and a 14 to 5 shot differential in the Bears favor. Yale rebounded in the third to put up 11 shots to Brown’s 7. Yale however scored one in the first, one in the second, and two in the third to fend off the Bears challenge as they put up one goal, and then a very late second tally.


Yale 1 – 0: Julia Yetman teed up a shoot from back in the zone that got past the Brown keeper low, assisted by Kaitlin Gately and Mallory Souliotis at 4:24 in the first.


Yale 2 – 0: Emma Vlasic scored after Souliotis fed her the puck across the front of the net during a break which she deposited in the back of it at 15:51 in the second.


Yale 2 – Brown 1: Samantha Swanstrom followed up her own shot close in on the Yale net and was able to get it past the keeper assisted by Sena Hanson and Cythnia Kyin at 5:15 in the third.


Yale 3 – Brown 1: Greta Skarzynski followed up an attack on the net by Gately and knocked it in from right in front. Gately got the assist n the goal at 6:44 in the third.


Yale 4 – Brown 1: Souliotis teed up a blast from the top of the zone and it rocketed it past the netminder assisted by Yetman and Gately at 9:57 in the third.


Yale 4 – Brown 2: Maddie Sisokin put up a shot from an odd angle and followed up, but it apparently bounced off a Yale player into the net assisted by Hanson and Lucinda Quigley at 18:21


Shot leaders:

Yale: Gately (9), Kirsten Nergaard & Vlasic (3)

Note: Gately had Brown’s number throughout the game, and despite not scoring herself did pick up 3 assists and generally was very effective at slicing through the Brown defense. Souliotis picked up 1 goal and 2 assists for 13 total assists on the year.. Skarzynski continued to keep putting up goals.

Brown: Samantha Swanstrom (6), Sam Donovan (5), Bridget Carey (3)

Note: Donovan generated one of Brown’s best chances of the game that they didn’t score on when she intercepted a puck in the Yale zone and had a clear shot on net.


Yale’s Gianna Meloni, 21 saves on 23 Brown shots.

Note: Meloni has put up several quality starts recently.

Brown’s Calla Isaac 17 saves on 21 Yale shots.

Julianne Landry, 4 saves on 4 shots in relief of Isaac.


Yale: Saroya Tinker (4), Kara Drexler, Lauren Moriyama, Vlasic, Grace Wickens, Yetman (2 apiece), Laura Anderson & Gately (1 apiece.)

Brown: S. Swanstrom (3), Quigley, Veronica Alois, Cara Najjar, Kyin, Abby Nearis, Sisokin, Alley Rempe (2 apiece), Maybelline Beiring & Carey (1 apiece.)

Yale: 6-10-4 (4-7-2 ECAC)

Brown: 2-18-0 (1-12-0 ECAC)

Yale travels to Brown Saturday for a rematch.


Coach Joakim Flygh

Kaitlin Gately

Mallory Souliotis

Emma Vlasic

Noticed Plays

These are plays that are noticed during game play. They are not exhaustive. A lot are missed. It‘s just what is seen. Read any of these as “at least” rather than “total”.Rather than write these out I am providing the raw notes. (A scoring chance doesn’t necessarily generate a shot. I only list the same scoring chance once in a player’s section.)

Key: (If you see one of these letters under a column it means the following.)

A – Led to a scoring chance. TA – Led to a team scoring chance.  SC – Scoring Chance  TSC – Team Scoring Chance ZE – Zone Entry O – Taken out of D-Zone S – Sent out of D-Zone GM – Out of goal mouth F- Fought it out of D-Zone. N – Led to a zone entry.  NA – Led to a zone entry and scoring chance. PK- On PK PP – On PP  C- Centering Pass DT  – Led to a defensive start. NA- Led to a zone entry and scoring chances.

Apologies for the image quality. It seemed to come out worse than usual. May revisit if I have time later on.

Yale (Larger Version Here)


Brown (Larger Version Here)


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