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Quinnipiac Defeats Brown 2-1

By David F. Pendrys (Official Recap from QU Athletics)

Quinnipiac 2 Brown 1 (1-13-18)


QU: Kenzie Lancaster (From Melissa Samoskevich and Raquel Pennoyer) at 15:43 in the second.

Samoskevich came up the left side and passed it across to Lancaster who waited alone on the right side of the net. She patiently collected it. The Brown goaltender committed and Lancaster flicked it over her.




QU: Melissa Samoskevich (Unassisted) at 17:44 in the second.

Samoskevich led a break into the zone, and despite being shadowed by a Brown defender she maneuvered to take a shot and beat the keeper.


BR: Bridget Carey (From Kaitijane Blumberg) at 18:30 in the second.

Carey broke in through the QU defense and used stickhandling to maneuver herself around the QU netminder’s save attempt.



QU: Abbie Ives 23 saves on 24 shots.

Brown: Calla Isaac 33 saves on 35 shots.

Both goaltenders made critical saves in the game. Isaac’s performance, especially early on kept Quinnipiac off the board for awhile before the stalemate broke in the second. Ives was also challenged and dealt with all but one situation. Ives has been in net for four straight games and performed well in all of them.



  • Kate MacKenzie, Anna Kilponen, Kati Tabin, Melissa Samoskevich, Kenzie Lancaster, and Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout continued to generate a great many scoring chances. MacKenzie and Kilponen had shooting roles on the power play, plus Lancaster, Samoskevich and Raquel Pennoyer also were active with the skater advantage.
  • Grace Markey and Samoskevich had a wide variety of zone entries, as the rest were spread out among their teammates but they had an especially noticeable amount.
  • Olivia Konigson kept the puck within the Brown zone a lot over the course of the game, and her defensive comrades MacKenzie, Kilponen, and Tabin were also noted for doing so.
  • Zone exits seemed to be spread out among the forwards and defenders. Konigson and Brooke Bonsteel were also noted extricating pucks from the goal mouth. MacKenzie, Markey, Samoskevich and Shannon Cherpak all took the puck from zone to zone for team scoring opportunities.
  • Tabin and Kilponen had several penalty kill clears.
  • Randi Marcon was noticed for her zone entries, but also being a looming presence screening the Brown netminder on the attack. She was in the mix of things often, even if some of her efforts didn’t make the score sheet.


  • Sena Hanson, Kaitijane Blumberg and Bridget Carey had a ton of zone entries for the Bears. Blumberg also kept the puck within the zone several times. Many of these entries lead to scoring chances. Hanson and Blumberg appeared to be the most offensively active.
  • Sam Donovan, the Connecticut Whale draft pick, had several scoring attempts herself, though was kept from getting an official shot on net.
  • Abby Niewchas, Cara Najjar, Abby Nearis, Maddie Sisokin, Donovan, and Steph Rempe were all noted on defense for their zone exits. Najjar, Nearis, and Blumberg all disrupted a QU scoring try at least once and Niewchas stopped several zone entries.

Shot Leaders:

Quinnipiac: Kenzie Lancaster (6), Melissa Samoskevich (5), Kenzie Prater & Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout (4)

Brown: Sena Hanson (7), Kaitijane Blumberg (4), Maddie Sisokin & Bridget Carey (3)


Quinnipiac (14): Alicia Barry (5), Kate MacKenzie (3), Kati Tabin (2), Olivia Konigson, Kenzie Prater, Raquel Pennoyer (1), Team (1)

Brown (25): Cynthia Kyin (4), Steph Rempe (3), Lucinda Quigley, Kaitijane Blumberg, Abby Nearis (2), Samantha Swanstrom, Katie Swanstrom, Cara Najjar, Sena Hanson, Abby Niewchas, Maddie Sisokin, Sam Donovan, Alley Rempe (1), Team (4)

Power Plays: QU 0-3: Brown: 0-3

Records: Quinnipiac 13-11-2 (9-7-0 ECAC) Brown (2-17-0, 1-11-0 ECAC)


Head Coach Cassandra Turner

Kenzie Lancaster and Melissa Samoskevich

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Larger versions at the Facebook page gallery.


Noticed Plays

These are plays that are noticed during game play. They are not exhaustive. A lot are missed. It‘s just what is seen. Read any of these as “at least” rather than “total”.Rather than write these out I am providing the raw notes. (A scoring chance doesn’t necessarily generate a shot. I only list the same scoring chance once in a player’s section.)

Key: (If you see one of these letters under a column it means the following.)

A – Led to a scoring chance. TA – Led to a team scoring chance.  SC – Scoring Chance  TSC – Team Scoring Chance ZE – Zone Entry O – Taken out of D-Zone S – Sent out of D-Zone GM – Out of goal mouth F- Fought it out of D-Zone. N – Led to a zone entry.  NA – Led to a zone entry and scoring chance. PK- On PK PP – On PP  C- Centering Pass DT  – Led to a defensive start. NA- Led to a zone entry and scoring chances.

Quinnipiac (Larger Version here.)


Brown (Larger version here.)


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