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Quinnipiac & Team Korea Meet

By David F. Pendrys

HAMDEN, CT – In an exhibition contest Thursday afternoon, the Team Korea (South Korea) Women’s Hockey Team visited the Quinnipiac Bobcats. The eventual Olympic host team fell to the Bobcats 3-2 in an exciting game for those on hand. The Bobcats put 55 shots on Team Korea and former New York Riveters goaltender So Jung Shin, and she made 52 saves to keep her squad in the game against a relentless QU offense. Korea scored a goal on both QU goaltenders Allison Small and Abbie Ives who split time in the game though they only put up 16 shots total. Small saved 10 of them, and Ives saved 4.

Quinnipiac put 16 shots on Shin in the first, but she took care of them all, and the 5 Korea shots also did not find the back of the net. In the second period things really took off, as although QU sent 21 shots on net and Korea only 8, both teams left the period with 2 goals apiece.

Korea’s Ji Yeon Cho took advantage of a scrum in front of the QU net to knock it past Small at 4:02 assisted by Jong Ah Park.


QU Co-Captain Melissa Samoskevich responded a little over 3 minutes later, taking advantage of a chaotic scene in front of the opposing goal and launching it over Shin into the net assisted by Allison Roethke and Kenzie Lancaster.


The Bobcats took the lead at 17:21 when Kenzie Prater put in a rebound during a fight for the puck right in front of Shin. An assist went to Samoskevich who sent the original shot on net.QUGoal21228

Korea responded within 15 seconds, when after a quick movement past the ice, a chance was created and Susie Jo knocked it past Ives as the Bobcats were caught somewhat off guard.KGoal2122817

Renne Saltness picked up the game winner at 4:12 in the third. An initial QU attempt ended up in the goal area under Shin. She couldn’t find it and in the scramble, it popped out and Saltness skated over and flicked it over a sprawled Shin. An assist went to Taylor House.


Kenzie Lancaster led QU with 9 shots and she was incredibly active offensively throughout the game trying to put various offensive efforts together. It was surprising she didn’t get a goal on the day. Samoskevich had 7 shots, Sarah-Eve Coutu Godbout had 6, and House had 5 as offense came from all over in the game.

For Team Korea, Chae Lin Park and Jong Ah Park had 3 shots each, and shots came from a variety of other players.

Korea blocked 22 shots with Su Yeon Eom, and Hee Won Kim each having 4 blocks apiece. Jin Gyu Lee, Se Lin Kim, Ye Eun Park, and Chae Lin Park had 2 each.

QU had only 7 blocks though as noted Korea had only 16 shots on net. Alicia Barry had 2 blocks, Kati Tabin, Olivia Konigson, and Kenzie Prater had 1 apiece. Konigson made her first appearance for the Bobcats tonight.

The game was an interesting one. Quinnipiac had the clear advantage in being able to move the puck often, enter the Korea zone seemingly at will, and generally have few opposing threats to deal with. The Bobcats also had a size advantage which they utilized to great effect. Korea was unable to do anything with the two power plays they were given and struggled on the penalty kill to clear the zone, though Quinnipiac didn’t score either so that got the job done. Korea showed some rough spots, in terms of bad turnovers, and missed passes. They did however use their strengths to make it a close game. Backed by Shin, and their blocked shots they were able to disrupt Quinnipiac enough. Team Korea also used their speed to take advantage of the opportunities they were granted.
It has also been an unfortunate theme for the Bobcats this season that they have generated a large number of shots but not found the net as much as they would like.

Quinnipiac returns to regular season action v. Yale on January 2nd. Korea will face the NWHL’s Connecticut Whale, Saturday at Ingalls Rink at Yale.

Coach Cassandra Turner Presser:

Melissa Samoskevich Presser:

Renee Saltness Presser:

(Noticed plays will be uploaded if time allows.)

There was also a shootout just for kicks. Kati Tabin had the only goal of it.


Noticed Plays

Noticed Plays

These are plays that are noticed during game play. They are not exhaustive. A lot are missed it. It just what is seen. Read any of these as “at least” rather than “total”.Rather than write these out I am providing the raw notes. (A key is below the images.) There just is not enough time to do the write up, but if this is useful to anyone please view. Note as always these are noticed plays, not a comprehensive list, as sometimes writing down one play causes me to miss another and so on.

(Note: It’s not user friendly. I haven’t figured out how to get it to pop out larger. You can download the image to see it larger.)



Team Korea



Below are what the columns mean, but marks within the columns are as a follows:

Marks are made to signify one of something. OR an F means (From in front.) P (Power Play) A (Resulted in scoring chance) TA (Resulted in team scoring chance) G (Resulted in goal) P (Power Play)

PK (On the penalty kill) OGM (Out of goal mouth) FIO (Fight it out of zone) CP (Centering pass) ZE (Zone entry)

Note goals are rarely noted as they are already part of the game score sheet. Also a scoring chance is only noted once for each player. So if it’s under N it’s not under A and so on.


A- Scoring Chance:

N-Zone Entry

K-Kept In the Zone

Z – Puck acquisition in Offensive Zone…

ZA-…Leading to a scoring chance.

ZTA-…Leading to a team scoring chance.

SZ-Steal in Offensive Zone

M- Puck acquisition in Neutral Zone

SD-Steal in Defensive Zone

D-Puck acquisition in Defensive Zone…

DT-…and started puck out of zone.

DO-…skated puck out of zone.

DS-…sent puck out of zone.

ETE-Went D-Zone to O-Zone


SRT-Short handed try.

IZ-Intercept in O-Zone

IN-Intercept in Neutral Zone

ID-Intercept in D-Zone

IC-Intercept Centering Pass

XA-Disrupt scoring chance.


CPK-Clear on Penalty Kill


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