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Noticed Plays: UConn v. Quinnipiac

Noticed Plays.

(This is a not exhaustive very imperfect list of noticed plays that might not make the score sheet. It is very possible a player has far more of any sort of play than are noticed in the heat of action. It is what it is. Read these more as a player had “at least” what is noted here. Note the language is a bit stilted, I’m trying to figure out how to make the information flow better.)

Taylor House

Got it in the offensive zone several times for scoring chances. Also had several zone entries. Collected it in the defensive zone and brought it out.

Melissa Samoskevich

Had a lot of zone entries. Also created scoring chances with stickhlanding. Stole it in the QU end and carried it out and in to the UConn zone. Intercepted a puck in the QU goal mouth and brought it out.

Kenzie Lancaster

Had numerous zone entries and scoring chances. Also stickhandled to set up a Kilponen scoring try.

Also got it out of the D zone.

Grace Markey

Had several one entries including a break and also a time she fought it across the UConn blue line.

Abby Cleary

Had a scoring chance just on the doorstep. Also collected the puck in the defensive zone and started the zone exit. In the offensive zone collected the puck.

Laura Lundblad

Had several breaks on the UConn net. Also kept the puck within the Huskies zone several times. Also snagged the puck in front of the net for a scoring chance. After started in the QU end brought it up the ice for another chance.

Shannon Cherpak

Had numerous puck collections in the QU end and extricated it from the zone. Had a zone entry and a also kept the puck within the zone.

Kenzie Prater

Produced several zone entries. Also intercepted a UConn pass in the D zone and exited with it. She had several defensive zone departures.

Raquel Pennoyer

Had several entries including a break for a scoring opportunity. Also had a chance on the power play. On the defensive side once squiring the puck she skated it all the way down for the scoring chance.

Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout

Had a wide variety of zone entries throughout the game, including one where she fed it to Cleary for a chance in front. Also fought it out of the QU end, and skated it out more cleanly at another instance.

Brooke Bonsteel

Several times she kept the puck within the offensive zone. Additionally got it out of the QU goal mouth. As a zone entry she battled to get the puck.

Randi Marcon

Stole the puck within the offensive zone to generate a chance and played a larger role than these notes indicate.

Kate MacKenzie

Contained the puck within the zone several times for scoring chances. While on the power play had several opportunities. After a block she skated in and sent it to Lancaster for a scoring opportunity.

She also had other zone entries, and disrupted one of UConn’s.

Anna Kilponen

Had many puck acquisitions in the Bobcats are and brought it out, often also made it in to the Huskies end. Also fed it to Tabin for a scoring chance.

Renee Saltness

She got to a loose puck in the offensive zone and that lead to a scoring opportunity. Also had a zone entry.

Kati Tabin

Many times throughout the game kept the puck within the opposing zone. Also produced zone entries at even strength and on the power play and grabbed the puck in the zone as well.

Alicia Barry

Disrupted several UConn entries, including afterward when she skated it back into the opposing end and sent it to Lancaster for a chance. Defensively grabbed the puck and sent it up to Prater for a zone entry. Additionally kept the puck within the UC zone for a scoring chance.


Justine Fredette

Had a many zone entries throughout the night including sending it to Lum for a scoring chance.

Taylor Wabick

Disrupted a QU zone entry, also collected the puck in the UC end. Had several zone entries to cause scoring chances.

Leona Sim

Had numerous zone entries.

Morgan Wabick

Generated many zone entries and scoring chances from them. Also exited the UConn zone either herself or fed it up to Jaime Fox.

Kayla Mee

Kept the puck within the Quinnipiac zone several times. Also intercepted a Bobcat pass during a power play and cleared it. Also disrupted an opposing centering pass at even strength.

Theresa Knutson

Had a variety of zone entries often for scoring chances. Also kept the puck from escaping the zone for another chance. She collected the puck in the QU zone and fed it to Lindblad for a scoring chance. Defensively evacuated the puck from the goal mouth, and at other times got the puck out of the zone.

Tristyn Svetek

Had a clear on the penalty kill. In addition kept the puck within the QU zone.

Jaime Fox

Had multiple clears on the penalty kill, and at least one block on the PK, and disrupted a QU attempt.

Several times at even strength was responsible for zone exits. Once kept the puck from crossing the blue line to cause a scoring opportunity.

Briana Colangelo

Had numerous defensive zone collections and several times sent it to Lum who then brought it in for a scoring attempt. She also had zone entries, and offensive acquisitions.

Leah Lum

Produced many zone entries and from them several scoring chances, also had a steal in the offensive zone. She sent it to Colangelo for a scoring chance as well. A few times had defensive zone collections, and skated down to the other end and fed it to Snodgrass for an opportunity.

Carley Olivier

Intercepted a QU pass and got the disc out of the zone. Also kept the puck within the opposing zone.

Emily Reid

Got to the puck in the defensive zone and passed to Lum who brought it out.

Rebecca Lindblad

Had several zone entries for scoring chances including one in which she went end to end. Also sent the puck to the Mee for an opportunity. Had many zone exits including several where she pushed it past QU opposition right at the line. During a penalty kill she cleared it from the goal mouth, and at another point had the puck in the QU end wasting time.

Natalie Snodgrass

Had a variety of defensive acquisitions and brought it into the neutral zone. Also had many zone entries to go with her offensive efforts.

Catherine Crawley

Had a steal in the neutral zone, also one in the defensive zone which she used to start it out. Also picked up the puck within the Quinnipiac end as well. Had a zone entry and also led to one when she sent the puck from the UConn end to Sim who brought it the rest of the way.

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