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The 108th Springfield College Gymnastics Exhibition Show

By David F. Pendrys

SPRINGFIELD, MA – The 108th Gymnastics Exhibition Show was held at Springfield College this past weekend. The event stars the Women’s & Men’s Gymnastics teams at SC, as well as others and is a departure from what one might expect to see in competition. Costumes, lighting effects, and even modifications to the apparatus itself is common each year.

This year, the “Home Show” as it is called honored past Springfield College Coaches and the campus community. It is called the Home Show because the group used to tour doing the performances and the final one would be at home. The show is co-directed by Jenn Najuch, Women’s Gymnastics Coach, and Matt Davis, Men’s Gymnastics Coach.

“For the Tradition” honored the 108 years of the show with various Floor exhibitions.

“For Potter” honored Diane Potter who coached Softball as well as Gymnastics. Thus there was a simultaneous Gymnastics & Softball demonstration underway, including a cameo from Team Impact’s Piper.

“For Posner” honored long time Men’s coach Steve Posner who retired just last year. It showcased all six elements of Men’s Gymnastics by the end of it.

“For Murray” honored former Women’s coach Mimi Murray and was also the annual “Women’s Senior Number” choreographed by Madi Bowen, Taryn Hamel, Bri Kerr, Linda McAuley, Ashley Parchinski, and Lauren White.

“For the Students” honored not surprisingly the students and featured a Baton performer Olivia Beaudette.

“For the Support” honored all those who helped support the Home Show and had both a wild Floor performance and Vault.

“For Raymond” honored long time women’s coach Cheryl Raymond. It noted Raymond’s integrations of other types of Gymnastics from artistic including rhythmic and aerialist routines. Thus there was a beam routine featuring a rhythmic twist, and aerialists over the floor.

“For the Laughs” was a bunch of clowns.

“For Wolcott” honored Frank Wolcott who was a coach from 1955 to 1981. two different elements, a parachute exhibition, and a parallel bars exhibition made up this segment.

“For Nazzaro” honored Cynthia Nazzaro, a former head of the Dance program, and was performed by the Springfield College Dancers.

“For the Alumni” is self explanatory as well as the gymnasts drew on a popular dance.

“For the Future” looks to the future and featured what gymnastics might be some day.

“For Judd: Tableaux” is the annual finale where the performers are painted to become living statues. This year it honored Leslie Judd who was Gymnastics coach from 1921-1954. (Editor’s Note: Apologies on the angle. It is an imperfect science to find a good angle to film the event from.)


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