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Quinnipiac Rugby Holds On, Defeats Rival CWU

By David F. Pendrys (Editor’s note: CWU has no listed roster numbers so putting names to numbers is difficult.)

HAMDEN, CT – Quinnipiac had never defeated the Central Washington Wildcats before in the regular season, but that changed on Sunday when the Bobcats held off CWU 29-24 at home. Perhaps the most critical moments were late in the second half when the Wildcats were deep in QU’s end, but the Bobcats held the line and kept them from scoring, running out the clock and preserving the victory.

It was CWU that was on the board first when they ran the ball in well for a quick 5-0 as the conversion kick was missed. Emily Roskopf responded for QU with a long run evading the defenders and fighting across the line. Margaret Wesolowski then converted the kick for a 7-5 lead.

After a back and forth CWU took possession after a scrum and a player sliced through the QU defense to score a Try. The kick was good this time to bring the score to 12-7, but Roskopf had another long run assisted by Flora Poole for a Try. The kick was no good and the game was tied.

After some more back and forth, QU ended up with the ball again and Rebecca Haight got a Try. Wesolowski nailed a really long kick for the conversion and a 19-12 lead. QU brought it deep again but CWU got out of trouble, only to head down the field and be thwarted by the Bobcats defense. QU however after getting the ball back deep ran it all the way in. Roskopf started the run, eventually it got to Poole, and then Ilona Maher finished off the spectacular display. The kick was no good but QU entered halftime with a 24-12 lead.

CWU responded with an early Try in the second half to put things at 24-17. They then used some passing to get the ball in yet again and the kick was good for a 24-24 tie. The two sides fought the ball back and forth in a grueling manner. Quinnipiac finally fought the ball across the line in the hands of Mikah Maples after a fierce struggle. The kick was no good but the 29-24 advantage would hold up. CWU threatened late, and despite the Wildcats usual ability to eventually punch the ball in, the Bobcats held them.

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