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Small Goes Big as QU Sweeps UVM

By David F. Pendrys

HAMDEN, CT – For the second time in as many nights the Quinnipiac Bobcats women’s hockey team defeated the Vermont Catamounts. The score was closer however as QU won by a narrow 2-1 margin. Each team was very aggressive using their speed and physicality to generate chances, but QU managed to convert the one they needed.

The scoring started in the second when Brooke Bonsteel scored her third collegiate goal (and third against Vermont) beating UVM’s Melissa Black at close range. An assist went to Laura Lundblad who helped set up the tally.

About four minutes later QU was on the power play and Kenzie Lancaster tipped a Randi Marcon shot into the Vermont net. An assist went to Bonsteel as well.

Vermont took advantage of their own power play late in the period and Sammy Kolowrat scored assisted by Amanda Drobot and Alyssa Gorecki. The play began with a shot from deep and it eventually got into the net behind QU’s Allison Small.

In the third period Vermont had some more quality chances including a two on none breakaway led by Eve-Audrey Picard which Small snuffed out. The scenes around both nets were chaotic, but Small and Black generally were able to deal with the scrambles.

Kati Tabin led QU in shots with 7, Lancaster had 6, Laura Lundblad, Taylor House, and Marissa Samoskevich had 3 apiece.

For Vermont, Gorecki had 6 shots, Mackenzie MacNeil had 5, Kristina Shanahan 4, and Saana Valkama and Taylor Flaherty had 2 each as well.

Anna Kilponen led QU in blocked shots with 3. Kate MacKenzie, Lancaster, Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout, and Alicia Barry had two apiece. Tabin and Allison Roethke had 1.

Kolowrat had 2 blocks for UVM. Shanahan, Olivia Kilberg, Katherine Pate, Val Caldwell, Allie Granato, Picard, and Taylor Willard all had one apiece.

Black made 26 saves on QU’s 28 shots, and Small made 24 saves on UVM’s 25 shots for the win.

Presser videos:

Coach Turner

Brooke Bonsteel

Allison Small

Noticed Plays.

(This is a not exhaustive very imperfect list of noticed plays that might not make the score sheet. It is very possible a player has far more of any sort of play than are noticed in the heat of action. It is what it is. Read these more as a player had “at least” what is noted here. Note the language is a bit stilted, I’m trying to figure out how to make the information flow better.)

(Abbreviated version. There was not time for a full write up.)


Coutu-Godbout: Was noticed continuing her stick handling prowess to generate offensive chances. She also cleared the puck often on the penalty kill.

Barry: Continued to be a defensive force disrupting offensive attacks, and clearing the puck during the PK.

MacKenzie: In addition to her blocks, acquired the puck often in the QU end and got it out of the zone at even strength and on the PK.
Tabin: She kept the puck in the UVM end multiple times to prolong offensive attacks. She also was among the many Bobcats stopping Vermont offensive possessions and moving the puck out.

Lancaster was an offensive catalyst in addition to her shots including a steal in the Vermont zone which led to a scoring opportunity. Defensively one of her blocks came on the power play and she cleared the puck several times on the PK as well.

Tori DeAngelis pushed Vermont back over the blue line on the PK and when they returned she stick handled the puck back out,

Samoskevich: Was her usual self sweeping into the opposing zone and creating havoc.


MacNeil: Was an offensive catalyst, entering the QU zone often to start opportunities. She was rarely stopped on zone entries.

Picard: The versatile offensive weapon was also just as essential on defense, getting the disc out of her own zone and out of danger often at even strength and on the PK.

O’Neill: Had numerous steals in the Vermont end to stop Quinnipiac possessions and opportunities.

Gorecki: Often was tasked with getting the puck out of the UVM end or sweeping it into the QU side.

Valkama: Generated chances in the Bobcats area with her steals and offensive entries, but also defensively played a role in ending QU tries with steals and zone exits.

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