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Hawks Snatch an Overtime Win over Maine

By David F. Pendrys [Official Box Score from Hartford Athletics]

WEST HARTFORD, CT – After ninety minutes, the Hartford Hawks and Maine Black Bears women’s soccer teams had not settled anything. The two teams went into overtime tied at 1, but just over a minute into the extra frame, Hartford’s Gabriela Gamory got to a bouncing ball right in front of the net and sent it in for the 2-1 victory. Molly Socha of the Hawks had stolen the ball from a Maine player moments before and sent it into the goal area, which set off the chaos Gamory benefited from.

With the win, Hartford rises to 6-5-1 and is 2-0 in America East play. The Hawks are on a four game winning streak and have outscored opponents 10-4 in that period. Main drops to 3-6-1 and 1-1 in the America East.

Hartford had struck first after the tenacious Julia Carr fought for the ball and sent it to Kaila Lozada who dribbled skillfully around the defense to line up a shot past Maine’s Annalena Kriebisch at the 4:57 mark. Kriebisch would make 4 saves on the 6 shots she faced.

Maine eventually evened the tally when Nicole Bailey got onto a fast break and managed to get herself in an excellent position to kick it past Hartford’s Maia Perez at 21:06. An assist went to Emilie Andersen. Perez made 4 saves on the day off the five shots she faced.

With no goals scored for seventy minutes it was a defensive battle for most of the game. Hartford arguably had more solid chances, but Maine’s defenders got in the way of centering passes and shots. Hartford for their part often pushed the Black Bears to the outside and then wouldn’t let them center it in. Neither team’s corner kicks resulted in much as the defenders usually got the upper hand quickly.

Maine’s Mikayla Morin possibly prevented a goal in the second half when she blocked a shot at close range. The Hawks were well positioned so the block was very timely. Fellow Black Bears Olivia Bamford and Amy Falkin were especially noticeable in how they foiled the Hawks plans.

On the Hartford side, Anna Cronin and Madison Stabile were a thorn in Maine’s side all game. Offensively, Carr, Lozada, and Gamory were often maneuvering into the zone and setting up opportunities, or stealing the ball back after Maine thought they had defused the situation. While Sierra

Lozada had 4 shots on the day and 1 on net which found the back of the net, Gamory 3, with the 1 on net going in, Carr had 2 shots and 1 went on net, though her role in setting up the offense can’t be overstated. Socha had 3 shots with 1 on net, and Skylar Vitiello and Bridgette Alexander each had a shot on goal.

Maine’s Kendra Ridley had 2 shots, both on net, as she was one of their major weapons deployed. Charlotte Messer had 2 shots with 1 going on goal, Jane Stevens had a shot on goal, and Bailey’s goal was her lone shot of the game.

Head Coach John Natale offered his thoughts up about the game and the team’s progress as well as how the Freshmen have been fitting in.

Lozada spoke about her goal and the team’s efforts.

Gamory talked about the game winner and where the team is going.

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