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SCSU Gymnastics: The Seniors

By David F. Pendrys (Stats compiled from Road to Nationals)

The Southern Connecticut State University Owls Gymnastics team saw the departure of two Seniors this year and each were key parts of the lineup. Abigail Bensley contributed on Bars and Floor, and Rotem Porat was a Beam specialist who also contributed on Bars as well.

Bensley, a Nursing major, set a career high of 9.475 on the Bars back in 2014, and a career high of 9.8 on the Floor in 2016.

A sample of her Bars routine is here:

A sample of her Floor routine is here as well:

Porat, a Psychology major, set a career high of 9.5 on the Bars and tied it in 2017. She also set a 9.825 Beam high multiple times in 2017.

Here is a sample of her Bars routine:

Here is one of her performances on Beam:

The pair also spoke about their careers earlier in the season:

SCSU Head Coach Jerry Nelson also spoke about their contributions:

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