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The Rutgers Gymnastics Senior Class


Senior Days are already underway in the Gymnastics season and Rutgers celebrated their three graduating Seniors. Claire Jones, Charly Santagado, and April Baker have all been key parts of the lineup when they’ve competed. Here’s just a few of their high scores and sample of their routines. (Scores from Rutgers Athletics & Road to Nationals. Videos are from Rutgers Gymnastics or DFPSports) Editor’s note: The high scores as of when this article was written are still correct.

Claire Jones 

Hometown: Gaffney, S.C.   Major: Psychology

Career Highs: VAULT 9.900  (set: 2/9/14) BARS 9.675 (Not sure when set.) BEAM 9.9  (set: 2/24/17) FLOOR 9.900 (set: 3/8/14)

(Video of the high does not seem to be out there but here’s a high scoring Vault from 9.875.)

This is her career high performance on Beam.

Though not the first time, this is one of the many times she set a 9.9 on Floor.

Charly Santagado

Hometown: Celebration, Fl   Major: Philosophy

Career Highs: VAULT 9.700 (set: 1/9/16)  BARS 9.850 (set: 2/16/14)  BEAM 9.700 (Not Sure When Set) FLOOR 9.875  (set: 3/8/14) ALL-AROUND 37.600 (set: 1/30/16)

A sample of her Bars routine:

A sample of her floor:

April Baker

Hometown: Andover, MA  Major: Sports Management

Career Highs: VAULT 9.900 (set: 1/9/16) BARS 9.825 (set: 2/27/15) BEAM 9.8 (set: 2/19/17) FLOOR  9.875 (set: 1/24/15) ALL-AROUND 38.800 (set: 1/24/15)

Here is her career high on Vault:

A sample Bars routine:

Here is her career high on the Beam.

Her career high on Floor as well…



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