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Hockey: Minnesota at BU

BOSTON, MA- In a matchup between Gophers and Terriers, the Gophers took it 5-1 Friday night as BU hosted #2 Minnesota in the first of a two game set at Walter Brown Arena.

In the first, after Boston was a called for a penalty, Megan Wolfe of Minnesota scored quickly assisted by Kelly Pannek and Sarah Potomak at 1:48. The Gophers then turned the table on BU turning a Terriers power play when Kate Schipper broke in and score at 6:35. Just over a minute later back at even strength Potomak picked up a third goal assisted by Nicole Schammel and Kelly Pannek.

BU did adapt to Minnesota and held the Gophers off the board until 16:30 of the second period when Cara Piazza scored one assisted by Schipper & Wolfe. BU would crack the board at 11:07 on a break by Mary Parker, though Minnesota would respond when Lee Stecklein scored on assisted by Potomak and Pannek.

Minnesota launched 50 shots at BU’s Victoria Hanson and she saved 45 of them. The Terriers sent 14 at Sidney Peters of the Gophers and she saved 13. BU blocked 14 Minnesota shots. Minnesota blocked 7 of Boston’s.

Minnesota Coach Brad Frost broke things down afterward.

Minnesota forward Sarah Potomak offered her thoughts.

BU Coach Brian Durocher had some analysis as well. (This is partial video as it was joined in progress.)

The two teams face off again Saturday afternoon.

Noticed Plays (A not exhaustive list of plays that might not make the score sheet. This is what is noticed. It is possible any players stats could be far higher than what is noticed.)


  • Sarah Potomak had a clear during a penalty kill.
  • Kate Schipper had a clear during a penalty kill.
  • Megan Wolfe stole the puck from a Terrier in the Minnesota zone, she also intercepted an opponent’s centering pass, and later another pass.
  • Kelsey Cline stole it in the Gopher zone, and also had a least one block. Later she disrupted a BU attack.
  • Nicole Schammel got to a loose puck in the offensive zone starting an opportunity.
  • Kelly Pannek acquired the puck in the offensive zone for a shot. She stole it later again in the BU end for another opportunity. She also had at least one block and later intercepted the puck in the center of the ice stopping the BU setup.
  • Lindsay Agnew snatched the puck from an opponent and exited her zone.
  • Lee Stecklein stole it in the defensive end and skated it out to start the transition.
  • Katie Robinson disrupted BU’s efforts and ultimately fed the puck out of the D zone for a scoring chance.

Boston University

  • Alexis Crossley cleared it out of the goal mouth at one point. She also had a clear during a penalty kill.
  • Maddie Elia cleared it during a penalty kill. She also got the puck in the Minnesota zone and killed time during the same penalty. Later she intercepted a pass and broke in for a shot. She whacked the puck out of the goal mouth during a later Minnesota effort. She also flummoxed a Minnesota attack and Rebecca Leslie retrieved it to start moving it out of the D zone. She also got the puck away from a Gopher at the edge of the BU blue line and knocked it out. She had at least one block.
  • Natasza Tarnowski generated at least one break in on net.
  • Rebecca Leslie had at least one blocked shot and she immediately followed that by extricating the puck from the BU end. She intercepted a pass in the defensive zone stopping Minnesota.
  • Nina Rodgers had a block. She also moved the puck out of the Terrier zone after another sequence.
  • Connor Galway blocked at least one shot and also disrupted another attempt. She also intercepted a pass and cleared it from her zone.
  • Victoria Bach on at least two instances retrieved and moved the puck out of the D zone.
  • Mary Parker got it out of the zone at well in at least one instance. She also disrupted a Minnesota break and Rodgers moved the puck out.
  • Sarah Steele cleared the puck on a penalty kill. She also blocked a centering pass.
  • Savannah Newton had defensive plays close to each other. She stole the puck in the defensive zone and got it out. She also stole another Minnesota puck in the BU end and moved it out. Later she dispatched a puck from out of her goal mouth.
  • Breanna Scarpaci deflected at least one Minnesota shot.

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