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Hockey: Quinnipiac v. St. Lawrence

By David F. Pendrys

HAMDEN, CT- One goal scored seconds after a faceoff was the decider in St. Lawrence at Quinnipiac Saturday afternoon. The #6 Saints maintained an undefeated record at the expense of the Bobcats when Brooke Webster shot it at point blank range by QU’s Sydney Rossman 4:53 in the first. An assist went to Hannah Miller.

That would be it for the scoring. SLU would send 15 other shots at Rossman and QU would send 20 at Grace Harrison but the result didn’t change.

St. Lawrence I think today proved why they haven’t lost a game yet this year. They put a lot of pressure on us and forced us to defend quite a bit and I think took the wind out of our sails in a lot of way offensive. They’re a good hockey team, but I think it was a weekend for us that’s going to be really pivotal in terms of what we do next to get ourselves in a better position in the ECAC,” QU Head Coach Cassandra Turner said post game.

It definitely shows something how we had a great turnaround from yesterday. You can tell our effort was more there and we stuck to our game plan,” Sydney Rossman said when asked about positives.

I think we were just letting them sit longer than they should have,’ T.T. Cianfarano said regarding rebounds after outlining the team needed to work on finishing more.

Alex Moore and Kirsten Padalis each had 4 blocks of the 18 total for SLU. Justine Reyes and Kayle Nielsen had 2. Nadine Edney, Kalie Grant, Hannah Miller, Kennedy Marchment, Lydia Grauer, and Brooke Webster all had 1 each.

The Bobcats had 15 blocks of their own. Alicia Barry had 5. Taryn Baumgardt 4, T.T. Cianfarano had 2. Kati Tabin, Melissa Samoskevich, Emma Greco, and Randi Marcon all had one each.

We worked a lot harder today,” Coach Turner said. “The effort in a lot of different places that we’re really focusing on was there. More team plays today so there certainly are a number out of positives out today’s game,” Turner said. She also was asked about the defense and noted improvement. “They were really committed to little plays. How they’re playing with their sticks, I thought they moved the puck much better today. We had some long shifts where were stuck in our zone where our D and our centers were committed to pressuring quickly and our wingers were ready to help. Those are really important things for us moving forward,” Turner said.

St. Lawrence rises to 9-0-1 and 4-0-0 in conference and Quinnipiac drops to 8-4-1 and 2-2-0 in the ECAC.

This was a also an interesting game in that there were no penalties called. Given the directives to referees to tighten up, an effort which has seen large amounts of penalties called in other games, this game was out of character.

I thought it was pretty interesting there were no penalties today,” Turner said when asked. “I think there could have been a couple late in the game, but when you’ve called the game that way at that point you kind of have to let it go. I think they understood this was really two of the better teams in our conference and understood the implications of the game.”

Noticed plays. (Plays that might not make the scoresheet but may have been important. This is a shorter list than usual as a new note taking scheme is being experimented with. As always this is what is noticed. There could be far more that happens than is ever noted. )


T.T. Cianfarano brought it out from in front of the goal mouth blunting a SLU attempt. She also stole it at mid ice, and also got it out of the zone at another point.

Kenzie Prater disrupted a Saints attempt to skate into the QU zone.

Emma Woods stole the puck in the defensive zone. She also stole it in the offensive zone at least 3 times to restart QU’s opportunities.

Kenzie Lancaster intercept a pass in the offensive zone leading to a chance. She also disrupted a zone entry.

Kati Tabin knocked away a zone entry and teamed up with Taryn Baumgardt to disrupt a SLU attempt to approach the net. Baumgardt had her own steal in the QU end at one point as well.

Meghan Turner and Raquel Pennoyer pressured SLU with a heavy forecheck at various times in the game.

Kate MacKenzie deflected a St. Lawrence pass away.

Emma Greco disrupted a visitor’s effort and a teammate recovered it.

Alicia Barry kept the puck from exiting the SLU zone so QUI could continue the attack.


Alex Moore kept the puck from leaving the QU end to continue the offensive action.

Kirsten Padalis stole the puck in the defensive zone stopping a Quinnipiac attack.

Lydia Grauer deflected a Quinnipiac shot and also disrupted a zone entry at another point.

Brooke Webster won battle for puck in the defensive zone and got it out.

Maggie McLaughlin hit it out of the zone at one point and also stole it from the Bobcats in their one zone to restart an offensive effort.

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