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Springfield College Gymnastics Homeshow

By David F. Pendrys

SPRINGFIELD, MA- Springfield College put on the 107th edition of their Gymnastics Homeshow this past weekend with two shows featuring the members of their Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics teams in a format far different from the competitions they will be engaged in this winter.

The name Homeshow comes about because the Gymnastics team used to travel the world performing an exhibition only to return home for their last show on campus itself. Nowadays the teams don’t travel that tour but put on the show during homecoming.

The event features a variety of musical routines no matter the theme, though the theme this year was actually music, as Men’s Coach Steve Posner and Women’s Coach Jennifer Najuch directed the proceedings. The gymnasts put on several performances both based on the standard gymnastics apparatus as well as incorporating trampolines and jump ropes. Unlike the competition, multiple gymnasts might be on the apparatus at one time. Also, unlike competition, the gymnasts had to match the timing of the routines and their teammates with their elements as opposed to competition which is staggered by judge’s scoring and the like. The margin for error was extremely tight for all involved in a sport which is difficult to start with. The event also ends with The Tableau where the gymnasts, painted in silver form scenes with their bodies that align with various themes. The playlist below captures most of the event.

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