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Hockey: Northeastern v. Syracuse

By David F. Pendrys

BOSTON, MA-The Northeastern Huskies women’s hockey team held off the Syracuse Orange for a 1-0 victory Saturday afternoon as NU netminder Brittany Bugalski picked up a shut out with 27 saves. Bugalski was especially challenged late as Syracuse attempted to tie it up with a 6 on 5 by emptying their net. Syracuse’s Abbey Miller was solid in net making 20 saves on 21 shots including stopping a Northeastern break from the dangerous Hayley Scamurra.

Heather Mottau however did beat Miller for the game winner at 9:44 in the first on the power play with a slapper from near the blue line. Assists went to Denisa Krizova and McKenna Brand.

Other than that goal, the story was each team’s defense and goaltending keeping any more notches off the board in despite NU having 6 power plays, and Syracuse 5 in a game filled with penalties.

Northeastern rises to 3-2-1 in the non-conference match up and Syracuse drops to 0-3-1.

Noticed Plays:

(These are attempts to note plays not on the score sheet. They are what are noticed other than an exhaustive list. Read the noticed plays as if the word “at least” is in front of each noted play. No doubt plays can be missed.)



  • Ainsley MacMillan and Krizova each kept it in the Syracuse zone at various times to keep the offensive effort going.
  • As noted, Scamurra got to a puck that was sliding out of Northeastern zone and outraced Syracuse on a break in. She also had a steal in the offensive zone to prolong an attack.
  • MacMillan got the puck in the middle of the ice and brought it into the defensive zone.
  • Andrea Renner broke out on net as well.

Zone Exits & Clears:

  • During a penalty kill, Heather Mottau fed it out to Krizova she went all the way up for a short handed shot.
  • McKenna Brand and Paige Savage each had clears during various penalty kills.
  • Andrea Renner got a loose puck in front of Northeastern net and brought it down the ice for a shot.
  • Mottau cleared it during an even strength exchange.
  • When Syracuse had a 6 on 5 opportunity with their empty net, Krizova cleared it. Later, Mottau got it out of the zone right to Brand who had a shot on the net.

Steals & Interceptions:

  • Krizova stole the puck at the edge of her defensive zone and skated it out. At another point she intercepted a Syracuse puck and brought it out as well.
  • Maddie Hartman stole it in the Northeastern zone and moved it, Scamurra also had a steal in the defensive zone.
  • Halle Silva intercepted a puck in the defensive zone and Codie Cross stole the puck in the middle of the ice.

Disruptions & Blocks:

  • Mottau had two blocks on the same penalty kill. She also disrupted a Syracuse shot at close range.
  • Lauren Kelly had two blocks on the penalty kill. She also had a block leading to Kasidy Anderson retrieving the puck and bringing it out.
  • Cross had at least two blocks including one she brought out on a breakaway.
  • Silva disrupted puck movement in Huskies zone and Cross got the puck and exited the zone.
  • Maddie Hartman and Paige Savage both disrupted centering passes.
  • Ainsley MacMillan had at least one block.
  • Morgan Crane disrupted a Syracuse zone entry.



  • Emily Costales kept the puck from crossing the blue line so the Orange could continue the offense.
  • Savannah Rennie got through 4 defenders during an attempt on net.
  • Sarah Stuehr flicked it out of her zone and then headed down ice for an opportunity.
  • Jessica Sibley stole the biscuit in the offensive zone. Stuehr did as well, as did Alysha Burriss.
  • Savannah Rennie broke in on the Northeastern end.

Zone Exits & Clears:

  • Heather Schwarz, Allie Munroe, Dakota Derrer, Karleigh Scully, and Stephanie Grossi all had at least one clear. Costales also had at least one on the penalty kill.
  • Burriss brought the puck out during a penalty kill and hung around in the Northeastern zone for a bit killing time.
  • Morgan Blank and Rennie each brought it out at least once.

Steals & Interceptions:

  • Rennie and Derrer both stole it in their zone but skated it out.
  • Larissa Martyniuk and Heather Schwarz each intercepted the puck in the Orange end and brought it out.
  • Rennie intercepted the puck in the middle of the ice.

Disruptions & Blocks:

  • Megan Quinn disrupted a centering pass and brought it all the way down. Megan Quinn disrupted the Huskies at the blue line.
  • Lindsay Eastwood had at least three blocks and disrupted a Northeastern shot and sent the puck out.
  • Munroe and Derrer each had blocks on the penalty kill. Jessica Sibley also had one on the PK and without a stick no less.
  • Hicks, Derrer, Munroe, and Scully all had at least one block at even strength.

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