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Soccer: Hartford v. Albany

By David F. Pendrys

WEST HARTFORD, CT- In a game that mostly was paid in a heavy downpour the Hartford Hawks and Albany Great Danes played to a 2-2 draw Sunday afternoon.

The scoring began when Hartford’s Bridgette Alexander was fed a long pass from Tori Tripp. She was far out from the goal but in the center and launched it over the keeper at 25:39.

In the second half with the ball in front of the Hartford net, Albany’s Vivian Vega raced up and hit it into a gap between Jurg and the right side edge of the net at 57:44. An assist went to Alexa Schneider.

Hartford responded quickly as Julia Carr launched a corner kick to Tori Tripp who headed it into the net past the Albany goalie at 59:10.

The rain started to subside late in the second half and Albany tied it back up at 75:55. Mariah Williams lofted it from deep over the goaltender to the very top of the net.

Two overtimes left the 2-2 score in place for the draw. Albany had taken 6 shots on goal total, and Hartford three. Jessica Jurg made 3 saves for Hartford and the team was awarded an additional one. At one point Hayley Nolan stopped a shot on goal in front of empty net after Jurg was drawn out to make a save. Albany’s Chloe Borasky made 1 save.

Hartford is now 9-4-1 and 3-3-1 in conference. Albany is 5-7-1 and 2-1-1 in conference with.

(Noticed Plays: Abbreviated as note taking was difficult in the pouring rain. Please note a lot was missed.)


Steals: Skylar Vitiello had at least 2. Julia Carr had at least 1.

Interceptions: Madison Stabile had at least 4 of interceptions of Albany passes. Hayley Nolan ran down an Albany pass forward in the Hartford zone. She also had at least one other interception in the defensive zone.

Tori Tripp got to a free kick Albany sent out of their zone. Molly Socha headed the ball out of the goal mouth. Sierra Stone had at least one interception.

Disruptions: Madison Stabile disrupted at least two Albany setups.

Block: Madison Stabile had at least one block.

Clears: Madison Stabile, Katie Connolly, and Skylar Vitiello each had at least 1. (Clearly there was a lot more.)


Steals: Vivian Vega had at least one steal in the offensive zone. Meghan Malone had at least one steal in defensive zone. Meagan O’Neil had at least 2 steals. Meghan Cavanaugh had at least one.

Interceptions: Gina Bracamonte had a least 2. Caroline Kopp, Alexa Schneider, Meghan Malone, Kiana Rugar had a

Disruptions: Savanah Courtney deflected a Hartford shot and also deflected another Hartford kick stopping their drive. Meghan Malone also disrupted a a Hawks effort.

Blocks: Caroline Kopp had at least one block. There were no doubt more blocks from the Albany side.

Clears: Meghan Malone had at least 3. Meghan Cavanaugh, Meagan O’Neil and Caroline Kopp had at least 2. Savanah Courtney, Vivian Vega, Kiana Rugar, Caitlyn Paltsios had at least 1.

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